Toddlerisms #9: Sandwiches

N’s been learning much more about the animals on the farm recently. He loves farm books (obviously), and loves playing with his tractors inside and out.

As for Tractor Ted…he knows all about pea harvesters (not going to find many of those in our area!), milking, mowing, baling and getting Fudge the (stupid) dog out of a locked stable. I must get a couple more dvds as I’m sick of the two he has.

He also loves to ‘help’ make his lunch. (Stay with me on this one, the link does make sense).

I always ask what he’d like for lunch: sandwiches, toasted sandwiches (or ‘sandwich toast’ in N’s words), crusty bread, what fillings he’d like etc for him to choose from, and the other day I even let him butter his own roll.

However the other day we were looking out of the window at the cows which had just been let out into the field behind the house. They were grazing quite happily, and N told me they were eating.

‘What are they eating?’

‘Sandwich grass’

Hmm, think the sandwich obsession might have gone a bit too far.

Although no-one else believes me when I tell them what he said, because every time he’s been asked what cows eat since then, he’s answered correctly that it’s grass. Grr

(I also tried to trick him into telling me cows drank milk, but he wasn’t having any of that. ‘Cow drink water, baby calf drink milk’).

Grazing cows
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    1. It is lovely, especially when the weather’s nice and loads of play space – although we do need to put up a fence to stop N straying off down the farm on his own.

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