birthday gift wrapping

Toddler role play – happy birthday

No idea where N’s got it from but since the weekend, he’s been talking and singing about happy birthdays all the time.

We’ve had no birthdays recently in the family or with friends, and I’m sure nursery would have mentioned if there’d been any birthdays last week that he’d particularly picked up on (usually they have birthday cake and all go and sing happy birthday to whichever child or nursery staff member it is).

But he’s been singing happy birthday lots, and yesterday we had present giving.  He found a small pack of flashcards, wrapped them in his sensory foil blanket (emergency blankets are very noisy when you’re trying to watch the news but of course he didn’t care), then presented it to me saying ‘happy birthday present’.  All very cute.  So I had to unwrap it and say a big thank you.

Then he wrapped it up again, popped it on the back of his trike, and obviously rode off to deliver his ‘birthday present’ to someone else.

birthday gift wrapping
Delivering birthday presents

I’m still none the wiser as to why he’s suddenly become obsessed with birthdays, but his role playing has really come on recently and is really lovely to watch.

What toddler role play activities do yours play?

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