inbetween floodlit tennis courts

Project 52 2019 week 46 – floodlights

This week has dragged slowly, but we’re getting closer to Christmas, and there’s lots of talk of Christmas lunches and meet ups. Oh, and a lot of rain.

On Sunday N decided we needed to go to Decathlon because he wanted to check out the archery sets in preparation for his Christmas list. We ended up at the Milton Keynes one because the A34 near Oxford has roadworks and we didn’t want to sit in that traffic. We also popped into Smyths so I could get some Christmas presents ticked off the list and N could come up with some ideas for his own list if family ask. Go kart, roller skates and Gravitrax add ons.

Monday was just another day at work and school. He does multisports club after school which is really random. Dodgeball is the most normal, but they also play things like Norwegian Longball, whatever that might be!

On Tuesday N had their catchment secondary school partnership cross country. His aim was to do better than his 37th last year and come 30th. It didn’t quite happen like that, according to him for a variety of reasons. He ended up 38th which he was disappointed about, and angry for things that didn’t work out, but it’s over for another year.

Wednesday they did some planning for their graffiti topic and their tags they’re designing. N says it’s worth not being in the Christmas performance so he doesn’t have to rehearse for 2 hours. He’d rather do art and comprehension.

On Thursday, our patio was covered in about 10 cm of rainwater run off from the hill behind, and the roads weren’t great. Quite a few schools in other villages and the town were closed due to flooding, but round our way it all eased off by the afternoon. I was meant to be meeting a former colleague for lunch but she wasn’t coming to town as planned so we had to cancel.

Friday was Children in Need day at school. N wasn’t impressed with the decision made by School Council to suggest odd socks and wear 1 item of school uniform with non-uniform. The night before he was insisting he would be wearing school uniform. He did change his mind by the morning though. Tennis was in the rain. Starting at 5pm means we arrive in darkness and the floodlights need to go on.

inbetween floodlit tennis courts

Saturday I had the day to myself as it was a shoot day on the farm. N was out beating for the day. I debated going to see the new Christmas film at the cinema but if he decided not to stay out at the pub afterwards, I needed to be back for him. I had an early hair appointment, then pottered around with a bit of Christmas shopping, lunch out, blogging, watching Christmas movies and treating myself to curry for tea.

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  1. The rain has been causing problems in lots of places!

    I have never heard of Norwegian Longball either!

    Such a shame he was disappointed with the cross country result.

    Thankfully our school just did wear what you want for Children in Need

  2. I feel bad for N coming in 38th. I know what that kind of disappointment feels like. Strange dress code for Children in Need Day; was this meant to be a fun activity? What movie did u see?

  3. I think we have got away with the rain for most of it. I can not believe how close we are to christmas and I have done nothing! Sounds like a lovely day to yourself, I would like to go and watch the new christmas movie too at somepoint.

  4. Nice to get a day to yourself, sounds like you made the most of it.
    Glad he can see the positive of not being picked for the performance.
    Shame he disappointed himself in the cross country.

  5. What did you see at the cinema? My little one has asked for roller skates too. I loved them as a kid. We haven’t had as much rain as we have had frost xx

  6. What did you see at the cinema? Tell N that roller skates are a good choice on his Christmas list, they’re on mine also. It’s been raining a lot here today

  7. The courts in the dark look eerie. That’s worrying to have the water so close to your home. We didn’t have any school closures in town, I think, but the water levels are getting higher. I just hope we don’t have the repeat of the floods from ten years ago.

    1. Round by the canal in town was bad as usual, and the arts centre and new castle quay building works were flooded, but otherwise it was just a few of the villages / surrounding roads that are always bad.

    1. He liked being in the Christmas show last year but the Company had quite a lot of singing to do. But the summer show was terrible for them sitting around. So he didn’t bother auditioning this year.

  8. It sounds like you had a lovely day on Saturday! There were a few school closures near us on Thursday, but the water seemed to clear pretty well, apart from Tewkesbury, where it will stay for weeks.

    1. Poor Tewkesbury. Thankfully we’re on a hill, but the we get all the field run off and there’s nowhere much for it to go. They’re building a new part to the town centre and it was all flooded. Lidl of the future will have car park to allow for flooding underneath, but I could imagine hey’ll have no business when there’s flooding, and I expect the staff to be canoed out by rescue people!

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