rules of romantic Christmas movies - Bubbablue and me

The rules of Christmas films (the romantic ones)

I love a Christmas film. I’ll happily watch Christmas films from autumn when they appear on the obscure Christmas tv channels, right through to the new year. Although once January is halfway through other shows take over and they get forgotten about for another year. (Unlike books, where I’ll read Christmas stories all year round.

When I’m talking Christmas films I’m talking the generally the Christmas romance movies rather than the Christmas cartoons or family films. Although I will watch those too.

rules of romantic Christmas movies - Bubbablue and me

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There are some classic rules around watching these Christmas movies. Especially when you’ve children in the house.

The unwritten rules of Christmas films (the romance movies)

1, Your children won’t want to watch

You’ll be trying to find time to watch in peace while they try switching over to whatever non-Christmas children’s tv show or panto they want to watch.

2, Your OH won’t want to watch

Probably a good thing if mine’s anything to go by. He’s not a fan of cheesy romantic films unless they’re Mamma Mia which for some reason he’ll watch at any time. But usually he’d moan all the way through.

3, It will make you feel Christmassy

Whether it’s the Christmas baking, the carol singing, Christmas lights, you can’t fail to smile.

4, You’ll want to go ice skating / skiing / play ice hockey

Even if you’ve never done it before. Or if you have, you’ll forget how painful it is falling over or how hard skiing is on the body, and think how good you were

5, You’ll spot tv stars from yesteryear

A fan of Party of Five, The Wonder Years, Superman? Then you can pretty much guarantee there’ll be actors from those old tv shows now showing up in their 30s and 40s in Christmas movies. Some of them seem to crop up in several movies, so you can spot them from one film to the next.

6, You can predict the plot

It makes for easy, no thinking needed viewing.

Predictable storylines, whether it’s city girl stranded in a snowy rural area, or a Christmas hating person finding their Christmas spirit in Christmas obsessed towns. Or someone inheriting a Christmas job, inn or family. They’re easy to watch plots with safe endings.

7, You’ll end up watching the same films each year

Christmas movies blur into one another, and repeat on several channels over and over during the holiday season. So you will end up watching them intentionally or accidentally more than once.

8, Christmas elves can live amongst real people

Well, maybe not, but they seem to pop up in Christmas films and no one seems to notice they’re not quite normal humans.

9, There will be feel good happy endings

Because who wants to watch depressing films over the Christmas period.

So, if you’ve not seen any Christmas films this season yet, get watching. Christmas channels seem to start in September, but if it’s too soon for you, then it’s always December soon.

Where can you watch Christmas movies?

  • Sony Movies Christmas – Freeview, Freesat, Virgin, Sky
  • Christmas 24 – Sky
  • Hallmark – Sky, Amazon
  • Lifetime – Sky, BT, Virgin, Talk Talk
  • Netflix

In the UK, you can now get the Hallmark channel on Amazon Prime (yay). If you’re not on Prime you can sign up for the 30 day free trial* and then the Hallmark Channel (there’s a 7 day free trial, then it’s pay per month).

Check out my Christmas movie bingo to add to your viewing.

Are you a Christmas movie fan? Which is your favourite?

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  1. Ah, yes, can relate to most of this. Although I do think you have missed one ‘rule’ out if you can call it a rule. Once you’ve settled down to watch your film, the children will start to bicker / demand food / spill a drink. That’s my experience anyway.

  2. I have been watching the cheesy Christmas films over the past week or so. Some of them are so predictable and bad they’re actually brilliant. I love The Christmas Prince and the sequel, the royal wedding. I can’t wait until December when A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is released. lol

    1. They’re so feel good. I guess it’s a visual version of Mills and Boon for the romance films (and I don’t mind an hour reading one of those)

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