Gromit trail in Oxford

Project 52 2018 week 14 – Gromit trail

For the first week of the Easter holidays, I’ve been off work. Unfortunately the weather was generally shocking with rain most days, so we haven’t done anywhere near as much as I’d planned.

N started off with a lot of chocolate which is still hanging around later in the week.  My diet has totally gone to pots this week, but I’m hoping what lbs have gone on will come off pretty quickly again next week.

We started off on Sunday evening with a power cut, going into Easter Monday with numerous vans coming to sort out the electricity issue. Thankfully by 3pm we had power again.  We then had a big family dinner at the farm. It was a day of celebrations – 2 birthdays (nephew number 1 and my niece) and a year since my father in law had his heart operation.  It’s always lovely to have all the family together.

A trip to the library on Tuesday but otherwise it was another wet day and relaxing at home.

Wednesday was a bit drier and we headed into Oxford to go and do the castle tour. I’ve been waiting for years for Oxford to have one of the trails you so often see in other cities. Finally we have the Gromit trail in the Westgate shopping centre over Easter. So we enjoyed doing that, even though N doesn’t really know who Gromit is.

Thursday was a beautiful warm day. N didn’t want to go to London as I’d planned, or somewhere else I suggested. He decided he wanted to go to the zoo. As we’ve been to most around us, a quick search online and there was only West Midlands Safari Park to go. It was a brilliant day out and N’s already talking about going again.

On Friday it was another gorgeous day, and we were off to Waddesdon Manor to meet up with Mary and Monkey from Over 40 and a mum to one. The boys get on really well, sticks and running down hills were a big thing, and we had a chance to natter away and catch up.

After 2 full on days, the weather was back to grey with rain showers, so another chilled out day at home. It’s back to work for me on Monday, and N will be out on the farm with his dad for the week (if they remember!).

Gromit trail in Oxford
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  1. i love these themed trails, i come across different ones when i visit the uk, although i have no idea why they’re being done and by whom, but the art work on some of them is stunning

    1. Yes, I find some are a bit of a mystery, but I think in future when visiting new cities and towns, I’ll try and remember to look up anything like this beforehand. They’re great for a distraction for children when you want to look at other things.

  2. I think we shall have to do the Gromit trail at some point – it looks great. The weather really has been rubbish for the Easter holidays – lets hope the next set of school holidays make up for it! #MySundayPhoto

  3. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely, busy week. I absolutely love the Gromit trails and am looking forward to the new one in Bristol in the summer. We never complete them, but always manage to find a fair few and walk for miles!

  4. Ahh! We have so much chocolate left too….I am going to melt it down & bake with it next week. hehehe
    It sounds like you have had a fun week….You’ve been out and about all over the place. Fantastic!
    What a cute Gromit x

    1. I’m impressed how much we’ve done given the weather was terrible. I’m on a diet so shouldn’t be eating it. Might have to get N to take it over to the farm instead of leaving it all at home

  5. Sounds like a busy week, with ups and downs, power cuts and family reunions. Lovely that you and Mary had a chance to meet up. The Gromit trail sounds curious, though my son wouldn’t know who Gromit is either.

  6. Aiden is mad about Wallace and Gromit so he would have adored that trail. We had the lambananas in Liverpool which I think was once of the first and I loved that years and years ago. #365

    1. We knew we’d missed one, and only just found it. I’m pleased the trail came – I’ve wanted to do one for ages, and the London ones always need more time than we ever have when we’re there

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