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Project 365 2017 week 20

Week 20 of project 365, and I’ve been taking really random shots this week, mainly because I’ve known that I’ve not got interesting things happening to take photos of.

On Sunday we went to St Nicholas Park in Warwick and had a great time exploring and playing. This was N on the net swing thing – although as soon as he got on it, other kids turned up to climb on and push him which he didn’t like so he soon got off.

playground fun at St Nicholas park

On Monday I took no photos, so my bedside book stack came to the rescue.

bedside table books

On Tuesday I went to my west coast swing class.  It was the second one I’d been to in 6 years and I’m loving being back. I had a lovely freestyle dance with the teacher as well – scary, but not so scary and I coped pretty well I think. This was the church next to the hall the class is in as I left.

Islip church at night

On Wednesday a crowd of us went to lunch to a Lebanese wrap place – well, ordered, collected and returned to eat in our break out area.  It was lovely to have lunch with others and the falafel and halloumi wrap was delicious.

halloumi and falafel wrap

On Thursday I noticed more of my flowers have appeared on the patio. I love these pale peachy calendula.

peach gerbera

On Friday N’s tennis was cancelled for the first time due to rain. Usually they have the back up of the village hall for the younger ones, but it was already booked, so rain stopped play.

pouring rain

On Saturday, I had a bit of a treat and a scone with jam and clotted cream. Delicious and definitely worth it.

jam and cream scones
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  1. Love the sound of dance lessons – and being whisked off my feet! The scone does look good – I need to find a vegan clotted cream though!

    1. Yes, dancing with a partner certainly gives you a bit of dream world if you’re a romantic! Not that everyone is a great leader though

    1. Oh no to lack of clotted cream. Although someone said in Ireland they can’t get it either. Seems strange they’ve not got it, although I can understand maybe the US not getting it.

  2. There has been some horrendous rain this week! That wrap looks delicious and how nice to have lunch with your colleagues. You’ve got even more books next to your bed than I have.

  3. I have 2 left feet for sure, but i do like dancing, just not bvery good at it, look at that rain, can’t wait for my UK trip to have some cooler weather, but hopefully not as wet at this

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