The fake Banbury banksy

Project 365 2015 week 11

It’s week 11 of Project 365, and I’ve only got 6 photos this week.  I will have one for Saturday, but N and I are away for a few days, and I’m not all that app’d up to edit photos on it.  I’ll have to wait until next week and add Saturday’s photo to week 12.

This week’s been a real mish mash of photos again.  I’m still finding days where I don’t get the camera out and then I take one photo and it’s really dull.  I’ve also been struggling with my phone charge, so taking photos at lunch times or straight away post work before getting back to my good camera is a bit of a problem.  Roll on the launch of the new Samsung S6 so I can compare it in my hand to another phone I like before upgrading.

Here’s week 11’s photos:

On Sunday, I had a friend coming to borrow my instax poloroid camera so I’d  left it out by the door for her to collect if we weren’t  in. I went downstairs to find that N had been taking photos with it…at over a tenner for a packet of film, it was an expensive set of photos especially when they looked like this!

instax poloroid photos by the 4 year old

Monday i had a lovely delivery of some newly launched Clearly Scrumptious snacks. A review will be coming soon, but N is currently munching his way through as many as he can grab.

new snack choices clearly scrumptions

After Christmas N recieved a lovely flower notelets which was a thank you letter. I decided to make one and work colleagues spotted  it so I spent time showing them  how to make them on Tuesday.

origami flower

Wednesday i wandered into town at lunch on several chore missions, but finally got round to going to check out the next mystery fake Banksy piece of artwork. It caused much excitement on local so c ial media and in the local paper, but all is confirmed…apart from what the man who put it there is actually going to do with the building he bought and is developing.

The fake Banbury banksy

Thursday and who said men can’t  multitask. N was enjoying watching tv, pushing round his pushchair and various o9ther things. More to do with his lack of concentration than anything else I think.

multutasking 4 year old

Friday, N made himself at home, dragging the car seat through to watch tv and eat breakfast on. I had to virtually drag him out of i so i could put it back in the car. He did look very comfy there.

using a car seat as a chair for breakfast
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  1. Lovely shots! Love the light behind him when he’s stood in the living room & it was without doubt the fake Banksy that drew me over here 🙂
    Great angle on the flower note leteletas too.

    Have a great week!

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