You might have seen my post on 5 ideas for easy and cheap (or free) paper ideas for children.  At the time of writing I’d not quite worked out the template for this one, but now I can bring you a template to make a pretty origami flower notelet.

flower origami notelet

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N received one of these as a thank you note, and I grabbed hold of it because I loved how it was folded.  I’m planning to make lots of these in different patterns and send as thank yous or little notes from myself.  The folding is a bit of a nightmare, but they do look really sweet.  And once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s easy.


  1. Get one piece of paper , draw round a plate or circular item to make a circle. Draw a 6 point star inside it.  Add petals on the outside between the start points.  Ok, that’s a nightmare to draw unless you’ve got computer programmes, so just download the printable template and print off.  You can enlarge or reduce the size according to the paper and size you want to make.

How to make a flower notelet - template by Bubbablue & me image

  1. Cut around the outside of the flower shape.  Fold along the relevant lines – the longer ones fold inwards, the short (vertical) ones in the middle of the petals go outwards.

flower notelet template

  1. To fold the notelet shut, aim to push the petals up, focusing on the vertical ones all being folded out.  Then you should be able to take each of those and fold them in a clockwise direction down to flat.

Make an origami flower notelet - Bubbablueandme

There might be a bit of adjusting on the folding to do, but should be there or thereabouts. Then you’ll have a pretty flower notelet, that you can write a message inside.

I made lots of these in different patterned papers, so they can be used for lots of different decorative purposes – either keeping them able to open, or glueing them shut.

How about for a present gift tag?

origami flower gift tag

Or group lots together for a pretty wreath?

make an origami flower wreath - bubbablueandme

I’ve just used tissue wrapped card for this one, but you could cover a proper wreath base.

origami flower wreath

I’m also thinking I could make one with fabric and then decorate a t shirt or bag, or make a brooch.  A great way of upcycling unwanted/outgrown clothes.

Are you an origami fan?  What can you make?

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