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How to decorate your home with paper crafts

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There’s something so satisfying about creating your own artistic decorations for your home. And if you know how to make paper crafts, it’s relatively easy to make striking decorations without spending much money.

With some basic craft tools and a little bit of patience, anybody can make these paper crafts. They can serve tons of different purposes in your home, from a small accent to a more prominent piece, and many can easily be modified to match different home styles and colors. Ahead, you’ll find 11 amazing paper craft projects for decorating your home.

1. Paper Cutout Snowflakes

Decorating for a wintry theme? Cutout paper snowflakes are a classic craft that add brightness and elegance to any room. They’re easy to make, too. All you need is some paper and a pair of craft scissors. Fold the paper, cut it into a pattern and you’ve got an awesome snowflake! For some extra pop or to match your existing decor, try making them out of patterned paper rather than the traditional white.

making paper snowflakes at Warwick Arts Centre

2. Paper Garlands

Paper garlands are another paper craft that’s stood the test of time because they’re versatile and relatively easy to make. You can create almost any pattern imaginable on a paper garland, from flowers to animals to geometric shapes, and they’re also available in many kinds of pre-made patterns. Kids love making paper garlands, making this craft a particularly good one for parents who want to let their kids help with some decorating.

3. Paper Lanterns

If the mood you’re looking for is cozy and peaceful, paper lanterns are an ideal decoration. They cast the hygge-y glow of real candles, but without the fire hazard, thanks to their electric light bulbs. Like most other paper crafts, you can also make paper lanterns in a truly mind-boggling array of designs, many of which include intricate patterns that give your rooms a unique look. You’re limited only by your imagination and your craft knife skills!

4. Paper Mobiles

A paper mobile can look stunning in your home, especially if you choose a combination of colors that accents the room. The ever-shifting nature of a mobile makes it fun to look at, and it’s an especially good choice for decorating a baby’s room because an infant’s curious eyes will track it. Of course, that’s not even taking into account the near-infinite number of different shapes available for paper mobiles, which allows them to fit into any decor theme — whether you have small kids or not.

5. Paper Baskets

You might be surprised at how strong paper can be when it’s woven together! Online craft instruction sites contain tons of variations on the woven paper basket, all of which bring their own unique touch to this venerable and much-loved craft. And naturally, what you put in a basket is just as much a part of your decor as the basket itself. Think about what you could place in the baskets, whether it’s a small plant, a decorative figurine or perhaps something practical like your keys.

paper crafting making paper bags

6. Papier Mache Art

Artists use papier mache for all kinds of wild creations, and you can join the fun at home by making your own decorations with it! Papier mache is great for sculptures and 3D art projects in general and while, yes, it definitely can get messy, if you like an eclectic look for your space, papier mache just might make your dreams come true.

7. Paper Flowers

There are about as many different ways to do paper craft flowers as there are actual species of flowers! Tissue paper flowers are lovely and delicate, and they look amazing as part of a bouquet or scattered throughout a larger decor scheme to tie it together. Meanwhile, other designs use heavier paper to produce more substantial flowers that can play a starring role in your decor schemes. Find a design that works for you and run with it!

8. Paper Scroll Sign

A paper wall scroll sign is a neat twist on the traditional wall sign, and you can make one yourself with whatever legend you want! Using a roll of brown kraft paper, you’ll make a cool wall-hangable scroll and then paint your message on it. (Just make sure to sketch out your message first in pencil!) It’s a perfect “vibe-setter” decoration because you can choose a phrase to sum up your lifestyle and the desired atmosphere for the room you’ll hang the sign in, while the kraft paper medium communicates the idea with style but without pretension.

9. Paper Punched Medallions

These lovely paper medallions make a great addition to a garland or mobile, or hung on the wall by themselves. Start with some nice, shiny craft paper and use craft hole punches to create interesting patterns on the medallions. In the center of the medallion, you might place anything from a favorite photo to a piece of craft paper.*

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10. Paper Morning Star

The morning star is a popular Christmas decoration, but it looks lovely casting its light at any time of year. Plus, the concept is simple enough that you can create a morning star out of any number of different paper materials. Like what, you ask? This morning star made of maps is a great example of the cool looks that you can achieve by thinking a little outside the box.

11. Paper Crane

Let’s finish up with a classic. The paper crane is among the most popular origami folds because it exemplifies many of the best things about origami: the grace, the skill, the appreciation of natural beauty. It’s also associated with the traditional Japanese legend of the thousand paper cranes or senbazuru, in which a thousand paper cranes together can grant the folder’s wish. But if your wish is to have lovely decorations, you can use any amount of cranes you want — as many as your fingers can fold!

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