wasgij christmas 17 elf inspection

Wasgij Christmas 17 Elf Inspection solution

Ok, so we’re a few months away from Christmas, but I still had to give the new Wasgij Christmas 17 Elf Inspection a go when it was released. A 2021 release, this 2 in 1 puzzle is another in the Christmas range.

wasgij christmas 17 elf inspection

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The 2 x 1000 piece puzzles in this box include both the box image puzzle, and the usual Wasgij mystery puzzle where you have to work out what the characters in the puzzle are looking at.

In this Elf Inspection jigsaw, the North Pole scene is of Santa and Mrs Claus visiting the elf workshop to check out the makes. What carnage do they and the reindeer see?

This is one of the easier Wasgij puzzles, so it didn’t take long to complete. It’s nicely set me up thinking about all the other Christmas puzzles I have in my to do pile that I didn’t get round to last year.

If you want the solution just scroll down. I also have my step by step guide to doing a Wasgij puzzle without the solutions and my useful puzzle accessories post.

You can buy other Wasgij puzzles* at Amazon, or I also buy from other online puzzle websites depending on what’s in stock at the ime.

wasgij christmas 17 elf inspection solution

Have you started doing Christmas puzzles yet?

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