Flying to fairytale destinations Jordan - Bubbablue and me

Flying to fairytale destinations

Some people dream of travelling all over the world since being children.  I can’t say I’ve ever got the serious travel bug, and I always say I’ve not been to many different countries. Although I have done New Zealand and New York, so along with a few European locations I’ve not done too badly for my travel experience.

But everyone has their own dream places they would love to visit.  That fairytale destination that they know would make them go wow.

Flying to fairytale destinations Jordan - Bubbablue and me

With a husband who doesn’t take holidays (our last foreign holiday was 7 years ago to Portugal), travelling abroad alone with N feels like too much hard work.  But I certainly live through other people’s gorgeous photos on Instagram, blogs and friends who’ve been to stunning places like Iceland for the Northern Lights and Canada for the Grand Canyon.

While there are places I’d love to experience – dancing in Cuba or Argentina would be high on my list, or Boston in the Fall – my fairytale destination would be Petra in Jordan.

Jordan and camel

I’ve recently spotted a blogger who’d been there on holiday, and it certainly looks achievable with children in tow.  I’d have to cope with the hot weather though.  For someone who’s not travelled much it probably sounds like a strange place to want to visit.

I have family connections there.  My mum lived there as a girl for a few years, I can still remember the photos of her at her school desk in the small airbase schools with mixed classes of all ages.  But more than that, my Grandma started the first Brownie pack in Jordan.

monastary at Petra Jordan

But really when you see the beautiful landscapes, the historical and cultural buildings and structures, as well as the red of the desert, I’m sure most people would love to experience it.  Add to that the chance to float in the Dead Sea – how magical would that be?

sunset over the Dead Sea Jordan
Yes, this is actually the sea not clouds

Where’s your dream fairytale destination?  If you’re stuck for ideas, Netflights has pulled together 11 beautiful destinations full of dream castles and beautiful lakes.


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  1. I would love to visit Jordan, it’s a place I’ve seen on the TV so many times and think that I’d like to visit there. We’ll probably wait until the boys are old enough to appreciate everything though x

    1. Yes, I’m always the same with holidays. N is happy just on a beach in the UK. Jordan’s definitely one to be appreciated

  2. I have so many places I want to visit, I’ve never thought about Jordan before though… might have to add it to my list x

  3. I’ve never considered Jordan. These photos make it look absolutely stunning though! Before parenthood we used to go abroad two or three times a year, but we’re planning a staycation this summer. I’m sure we’ll get back to our travelling ways soon, though!

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