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10 Must have websites when learning to crochet

I shared my crochet bubble stitch and blanket progress before, and someone had asked about how to start crocheting.  So I thought I’d share my top resources that help if you’re learning to crochet.

crochet websites tips

Like so many other people I was taught to crochet by my mum.  I remember making long chains, and having a go at some granny stitches, but never doing a lot else.  I was probably bored and just moved on to the next activity as I did frequently with crafting – 2 rows completed (badly according to my mum) of cross stitch on a kneeler for church, a few rows knitted on a stripy jumper before giving up. 

I got back into crochet when my mum was in the hospice and wanted something to do.  She’d asked for her crochet hooks and some wool, but her hand was too weak to do any, so I would sit and practice my crochet while I talked to her or while she was asleep.

So I’m now back into crochet again, and always on the lookout for new projects.  I do seem to pin a lot, but haven’t completed many – see above for the boredom threshold.  But crochet’s great as it’s so versatile, and all the fancy stitches are largely based on only a few basic stitches, so once you can do the basics, you can do quite a lot without too much pain.

I did find that starting again I had to remind myself of the stitches so the internet came in very handy.  Here are my go to websites.

Basic beginner stitches and getting started crocheting

1, Crochet About

This is a great website for beginners, as they include useful resources, videos and patterns to practice your new stitches with.  The only downside is the ads included within the copy which make it a bit annoying to read around.  But for information, it really does the job.

If you’re left handed, they also have a section for you which is fairly hard to come by as most tutorials only show or talk about right handed crochet.

2, Wikihow

Simple and easy to follow, basic videos for key instructions as well as context information about things like yarn and crochet hooks.

3, For Dummies

If you use the For Dummies books or website for other questions, then you’ll be familiar with the easy to use website.  It seems never ending, the amount of information, and it’s all split into really easy to find questions or needs.

US/UK conversion

4, Yarn Forward

One of the most complicated things about following a crochet pattern is knowing that US and UK stitch names aren’t the same.  So US have single crochet, UK don’t.  And the US’ double crochet is treble crochet in the UK.

Yarn Forward has an information corner, including this conversion chart below.

single crochet (sc)double crochet (dc)
double crochet (dc)treble (tr)
half double crochet (hdc)half treble (htr)
triple crochet (trc)double treble (dtr)
slip stitch (sl st)slip stitch (sl st)

Crochet hook conversions

5, UK based stitch tutorials at (bizarrely) Learn 2 Knit

This website has a crochet section aiming to get the UK to crochet.

Patterns and tutorials

6, Crochet Spot

I found this website when I found out about Tunisian crochet and was looking for more information.  There’s also free patterns, a shop, and lots of tutorials,  It’s written in a really friendly personal way as well so nice and approachable.

7, All free crochet

If you want daily pattern ideas sent directly to you, this is the one to sign up for.  Every one is free, and via this you can find lots of blogs and websites with tutorials and patterns on.

8, Ravelry

If you want to talk to other crocheters, this is where to head.  I’ve only recently joined up, but have heard others rave about it, so am interested to find out more (time allowing)

Anything and everything crochet

9, Crochet Geek

Unfortunately Crochet Geek’s website is gone now as there was a lot of guidance for left handers as well as righties.

10, YouTube

Yep, YouTube seems to be the place to go if you want to watch and listen to people crocheting and doing tutorials.  Whether you want to learn basic stitches, find interesting patterns and new more complex stitches, you’ll find something to subscribe to.  Most people say they don’t ‘get’ crocheting until they’ve watched someone do it, and YouTube lets you do that.

So, that’s my 10 websites I find (or found) useful.  I still refer back when looking at certain stitches, especially to check the conversions from UK to US and vice versa, so having a list of go to places is handy.

These are all fairly information based websites.  Obviously there’s some beautiful blogs based on crochet or crafting which includes crochet, but I tend to find those via Pinterest when I’ve seen specific patterns I like.

What websites have you used, and would you recommend?

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  1. I am desperately trying to teach myself crochet. I realise I may have got UK/US info confused and that may be some of the problem! will be pinning this and referring to it later – thanks!

    1. Glad it was useful. The UK/US thing is complicated, because even if you know they’re different, unless you know which one the pattern uses, you’re still none the wiser. Think I’ve got you on my twitter crochet list as well.

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