oxford ice rink public skate

Project 52 2022 week 10

It’s been a fairly normal week with not a lot going on. Ukraine is still suffering at the hands of Russia, more sanctions are happening against UK based Russians meaning Chelsea could be screwed with severe restrictions on spending, contracts, and attendance at matches by noone other than season ticket holders. Here’s this week’s Project 52, week 10.

Sunday was a lazy day at home. Our lodgers had filled up my recycling wheely bin so it was full – they never crush down their recycling, so I have to do it. It’s frustrating because they could buy their own bin, rather than me never being able to fit stuff in. We’re getting food caddies now, and I’ve ordered them one too – our free ones due never turned up as they did the village but just missed out all the farms. Hopefully the caddies wlil be good, not get blown all over the road, and I’m hoping the dogs won’t wander off with them.

On Monday it was back to work and school. N had his private tennis lesson after school. I managed to get in my steps which were severely lacking during the day. I made keto tortillas for the first time to make chicken enchiladas with our roast leftovers. They were a bit thick so not very floppy to roll, but they worked out ok.  My homemade enchilada sauce was really tasty too, although a tad spicy considering the recipe had said mild. N liked it when he tried it. Luckily I’d made theirs with a shop bought mild sauce, as the OH wouldn’t have eaten mine!

N had had a moan about doing tennis again this term. I’d said a while back if he wanted to stop private lessons it would be the Wednesday lessons as he stands around chatting too much about football and doesn’t really progress in that class. He prefers it because it’s easier, and he feels like he doesn’t do very well in the Monday classes.

So we’ve compromised – up til Easter he’ll do the rest of the term for both sessions as lots will be catch ups from cancelled ones last half term. Then he’ll keep doing Mondays, but instead of Wednesdays will join the local football club. They can’t join before then due to missing the FA ‘window’, but he may be able to join training sessions when there aren’t matches, and play in any friendlies. He’s so excited, and so are his friends at school who already play for the team. Now just to get the times and information from the relevant coach, as he’s still not responded (although the general club rep did pass on my details).

Tuesday and not a lot happened. Just the usual day to day stuff, we had a bags2school drop off – usually it’s for PTA funds, but this time the money raised was going to Ukraine. I took in 2 bin bags of clothes and a smaller bag of shoes. It was disappointing to see noone else when I was there drop off anything to donate, but hopefully they’d already donated their stuff elsewhere.

We both had dentist check ups. I reckon it took us longer to wait to sign in/get our forms at reception than it took actually in the dentists. And that included x rays for me. At least I’m now back on annual check ups.

On Wednesday, it was just more work and school. I totally forgot about picking N up at 3.15. Usually I have my calendar pop up at 3.10 and I have 2 mins to leave. But I was still on an overrunning call, and when I came off it, it was 3.28! Last pick up time is meant to be 3.25. Luckily I can just make it in 2-3 mins, so arrived at 3.31, and they were just about to call me. Oops. N then cooked the burgers as he wanted to try them on the griddle pan rather than the George Foreman grill. They were very tasty, much juicier than in the George Foreman. Tennis was off as the coach wasn’t available this week.

Thursday started off with my INR check. I’ve been within range since October, and was only going for checks every 6-8 weeks, but this week it dropped again below range. For seemingly no reason. It’s so frustrating when you do nothing different, but now I have to go back next week and we start hopefully increasing the time between tests again. 

N had football club after school and had a great time – no injuries and not coming home filthy like usual either.

After dithering for about a year, I’ve finally sorted out my new blog I’ve been planning. I’m still doing the theme and setting it all up, getting some posts on it before I start promoting. Given I’d like to start writing again on my dance blog, I need to really get a proper schedule of writing going on so I can do all 3 without dropping one. I’m not sure I’ll do anything other than pre-scheduled sharing on twitter and facebook for it, but I’d like to see how it goes. I’ll share the link once I’ve got it properly started with some more content on it.

On Friday it ended up a wet day, so no tennis again. Just a work and school day. It was my 9 year work anniversary. I can’t believe I’ve worked so long in one place!

Saturday was such a fun day. We’ve not had a day like it in a long time. N wanted to use a gift card he had at Ask Italian, and as I didn’t want to go to Oxford just for that, I’d suggested we try ice skating. N has never really been (other than sitting on a seal skating aid while I pushed him round).

We didn’t quite make it to an hour of skating, and I’m not sure N even got 10 laps around the ice in the time. But he had an absolute blast and is already saying he wants to go again. I love going skating, although I think it’s about 19 years since I last properly skated, it’s a lot harder than I remember. He needs to sort out the push with the back leg rather than the flat footed ‘walk’ or ‘run’ on the ice, but otherwise for a first time he did ok. My hand was a bit squashed afterwards from him clinging on, but he only fell once. It’s a shame the rink is so far away, but roll on Easter for try 2.

We then had Italian for lunch, back to Banbury to see if we could get him a new pair of trainers. Silly me only put 30 minutes on the car for parking, and it took 15 minutes for the Sports Direct person to find 1 pair of shoes. Then 5 minutes to wait until he was visible again, so we didn’t have time to get a bigger size before getting back to the car. Another trip needed another time. A lovely day, and hopefully we’ll get some more in before long.

oxford ice rink public skate

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  1. Good luck with the new blog.

    I only ever have been ice skating once and that was when I was at uni. The girls have never been. Might see if they want to go

  2. Sounds like a full week. Glad you reached a compromise on tennis, it sounds like a fair one. Charlie is like a bambi on ice it is so funny to watch. Although he assures me since going with cubs he is much better. How exciting a new blog. I struggle with one I am so impressed you have three.

    1. I’ve not touched my dance on in ages, so must start writing some posts for that again.
      The writing and blog part is fine, it’s the social media/promotion that’s the bit I struggle with.

  3. Mine love ice skating but we only ever have a rink in the winter, so even if they get a few sessions practice, it is back to square one the following year. Like N, Isaac wants to give up swimming, but I am reluctant, so he has to wait until the beach sessions start in April

    1. I always said to N if he gives up one sport he has to take up another. I’d rather he tried hockey as I think he’s probably better at that than he is at football. But he’s not keen. So football it is, and I’m hoping he’ll continue to stick with the tennis. If only for making things like PE GCSE easier to do the practical proof side when it’s a single sport rather than team.

  4. Sounds like a good compromise with N on the tennis lessons and wanting to join the football club. Oops to forgetting about pick-up time! Glad you got there before they needed to call you. Good luck with the new blog. Glad N enjoyed going ice skating. #project365

    1. N told school that was the 3rd time I’d forgotten. I’m sure it was only the 2nd, and this was the latest! Embarrassing

  5. Sorry to hear about your results, hope you can work out why they’ve altered despite you not changing anything for it to happen. I’ve not heard of clubs signing new players outside of the FA window, thought that was only for professional/paid players. He’s very lucky at his age to find a team that isn’t full

  6. That sounds like a good compromise with the tennis and you’ve just reminded me we’re at the dentist this week for our first check up in a couple of years.
    Good luck with your new blog!
    Saturday sounds like the best day. I’ve not been ice skating since I was a teenager. It sounds like you had a lot of fun x

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