Wasgij destiny 6 retro child's play

Wasgij Retro Destiny 6 Childs Play

One of the January 2022 Wasgij new releases was another in the Retro range. A re-release of one of the old puzzles but with some differences in the images. I’m sharing Wasgij Retro Destiny 6 Child’s Play solution.

Wasgij destiny 6 retro child's play

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One of the Destiny puzzles, this Wasgij range you need to imagine what the box image may look like set in the future to complete the puzzle. Think modern day vehicles, shops and dress styles. And of course the sort of carnage children could set loose when out and about.

The older puzzles are usually the harder ones to complete, but I found this one on the easier side (potentially because I’d just done 3 other Wasgij puzzles recently).

There’s the usual funny moments in the finished puzzle, and some of the regular characters appearing. You can find my picture of the finished puzzle if you scroll down, along with a closer video.

You can buy Wasgij puzzles from Amazon*, and if you want tips on completing Wasgij puzzles (and others) without needing the solution, check out my step by step guide.

wasgij retro destiny 6 childs play solution

Which Wasgij puzzles have you done recently?

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