bluebells watercolour style washed out

Project 52 2020 week 17 – bluebells

Another week, although Project 52, with week 17, and into the first week back to home school after Easter. Week 5 of lockdown. Spirits are up here although the end of the week ended with N not feeling too well.

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Here’s our week.

On Sunday, we didn’t do much. Just relaxed to make the most of the last day of the holidays.

Monday it was back to work and home school. We continued the work things N had from before Easter but school brought round another pack of work for this next few weeks. It was nice to see someone else for a brief hello, even if it was from a distance. I also did a shop in the village shop. I dropped off my brother’s tin of beans he’d asked me to get if I got hold of any while I was there (he lives 2 doors from the shop. He popped down to the door to have a brief chat across the car. We haven’t seen him since lockdown started so it was nice to be able to. Although I could see the people queuing for the shop probably wondered why we were chatting

The shop ran out of gloves, but they’re still providing disinfectant cloths for people to wipe hands with when you enter.

On Tuesday not much happened. N was gutted to find out they have extra work this time. Topic work on top of the rest. He’s basically dropped doing the online additional work because the huge amount of English plus topic takes so long, it’s probably more time than they’d spend in school on it. I’m excited though, because his topic this term is Tremors. My favourite part of my degree was Natural Hazards, so I’m in my element with this topic. Handily, we’ve got a lot of the Horrible Geography books and one of those was on Volcanoes. Perfect for this week.

Wednesday started early for N out on the farm as he was able to watch the OH helping calve a cow. He’s also now got another baby calf to feed twice a day as well as Maggot. This one was a twin but the mum didn’t want both calves. N did his work under duress – I think starting later in the day was a mistake because he just doesn’t get on with things and it encroaches on his farm time.

Thursday was more of the same. We’ve been growing spring onion ends in water, and N’s been doing it as a maths measuring, and science experiment (I suggested it on Monday before he found out his maths topic this week was data!). We need to try another lettuce because the last one didn’t sprout.

N helped out letting the new limousin calves out into the field behind. It’s lovely to watch them trotting round as a group and finding their way around.

On Friday it was a better home school day and N worked hard. He did everything except his reading (again! Sigh). We had a call from his teacher to see how things were going. N spoke to him first as he answered the phone, and mostly chatted about tennis. It was nice to get reassurance that what we’re doing is right, and N’s getting a good mix of school work and time on the farm.

Saturday N wasn’t too well. He was really tired – waking up early and then doing lots in the day. He slept in a bit this morning, but then told me he’d woken at 5.40, but just stayed upstairs lazing. He went back to bed for 2 naps in the day, for 3 hours sleep overall. He looked pale before tea, and didn’t fancy eating much. He said his throat was a bit sore and it felt like his tonsils were playing up again. If he ends up with tonsillitis that will be the 4th time since November. Hopefully a good sleep overnight will perk him up a little.

I made a hot milk cake which turned out ok despite the tops getting a little overdone. I found the recipe online when trying to work out how to use up excess milk, so handy to know there’s another recipe. I just made it ito a lemon curd filled, and iced sandwich cake rather than just making it plain in a bundt tin.

The OH and father in law cleared out the drain that the kitchen sink goes to.

It was lovely to catch up with friends on zoom. They’re the first friends I’ve spoken to outside of work calls since lockdown, so it was long overdue. Only 4 of our camping girls could make it but one did a ‘camping memories’ quiz for us which was fun. I need to set up more calls with other friends too. There’s no excuse really given we’re not out and about in evenings or at weekends.

This week’s photo was taken in the garden at our clump of bluebells – me being a bit artistic and outside of my comfort zone. I’ve not done much photography over the last year, but during the lockdown I have had the proper camera out. The only problem is my metering and focus settings have gone a bit haywire, as the focus doesn’t seem to lock anymore. So I need to get that set back to what it should be. I’m so out of practice I can’t easily work it out though. I was pretty pleased with this photo though.

bluebells watercolour style washed out
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  1. Beautiful bluebells. I am also struggling with the motivation when it comes to school work and English drives me bonkers. It feels like we are always arguing over getting it done.

  2. Love bluebells. Need to get some for our garden next year. Our school don’t send any work but its all done online… They are spending so much time on the laptops and I don’t like it.

  3. We have loads of bluebells in our garden this year. Making up for not being able to visit the bluebell woods.
    I am a bit of a volcano nerd and we are doing volcanos and earthquakes this term for homeschool…
    I hope the tonsils were ok? My daughter had to have hers removed eventually because they were making her so ill! #project365

    1. His tonsils don’t hurt anymore but they’re still enlarged. Antibiotics were only 5 days worth, last time he had 10 days. So hopefully will be ok now. It was the best thing me having mine out, but they just don’t like it anymore – we were told he needs to have it 6 times to be discussing having them out. I just worry because the OH gets really ill with his, don’t want N to suffer like that.

  4. Must be nice to meet your brother. Learning about natural disasters was my favorite part of Geography in middle school. Good idea to use plants for maths and science work. I hope he gets well soon. Lovely bluebells

  5. That is a lovely photo of the bluebells, sorry to hear N has been struggling with his school work and that he was unwell at the end of the week. i’ve been speaking with friends daily, it really does lift the spirits

  6. My eldest really enjoyed the Horrible Geography books too, I felt at least that was a bit of subject knowledge ticked off! My youngest son’s teacher rang this week too, its nice they are checking in to see how the kids are getting on. Your bluebells are very pretty.

    1. Yes, it’s nice for the children to speak to their teachers, and probably for the teacher to feel a bit more connected to what’s happening with their class. I think the Horrible series are great. Just a shame they weren’t around when I was a child, I might have actually learnt some history.

  7. I hope N is better soon, poor wee soul. I do love Bluebells, such a pretty photo. I think they look like flower fairy clothes from the 80s xx

  8. The bluebells look lovely. Love hearing about the calves – they sound so cute. The joys of living on a farm – there’s always something going on and jobs to get involved in ! Hope the tonsillitis gets better. It’s great when the schoolwork interests you too – I’ve had to help do a topic on French kings, yawn ! lol

    1. He’s on the mend, although only had 5 days worth of antibiotics and they’re still looking big, so hopefully it won’t come back.
      Crikey French Kings sounds tedious!

  9. Beautiful photo of the bluebells. How lovely to have new calves on the farm and N certainly sounds like he is enjoying having two to look after. Glad that things are going well with the homeschooling. Hope that he is feeling better soon. #project366

  10. Hope N is better soon. Sounds like he’s loving being able to spend more time on the farm – it’s a pity school work gets in the way. Seems like he is getting a lot to do.

  11. It does feel like such a treat when we see people to speak to that we haven’t seen in a while.
    It sounds like N has a lot of work to be getting on with. The topic work does sound interesting.
    I hope N is feeling better now.
    What a gorgeous photo. Bluebells are so pretty x

  12. That photo is beautiful. How interesting for N to see the calf born. What a responsibility to have two to care for. I hope he is OK and it isn’t tonsilitis again. It’s not a good time to be ill!

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