Project 52 2023 week 36

Another week, and this week 36 has been back to school and work, the end of the summer. Here’s our project 52 for this week.

Sunday was a quiet one. Tennis wasn’t on, so I made sure I was able to relax (and do lots of washing from holiday!). I’d thought it was hot up in Scotland, but nothing as warm as down at home.

On Monday it was an inset day and I’d had an extra day off as flexi leave.. N had an early hair appointment. Then we had to try and find him some new trainers. Because after measuring him heightwise, of course he tried on his trainers after previously saying he didn’t need new ones, now he did. 

Slight problem with trainers for boys is that youth sizes tend to stop at size 5.5, but mens don’t often start til size 7.  So there was only 1 suitable size 6 in stock (ie suitable for actually doing sports in). They were a bit tight, so moving up to a 7 gave us more options. Thankfully we found a pair that were under £60 (eek!) that fit. I labelled the few new school items he had. My car check light that came on coming back from Scotland turned off.

Tuesday I was back to work while N had another inset day. He went off on the farm while I worked.  I’d forgotten that I was at the theatre in the evening so had to get the slow cooker on early in the morning so they’d have something for dinner.

I was at Milton Keynes theatre to see Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet. His performances are always alternative, but the dancing was really good especially from the 2 leads.  My car light came back on again on the way home. Sigh.

On Wednesday it was the first day of year 8 for N. Thankfully no blazer day due to the heat. It went ok although he moaned a lot about it.  Lots of new teachers, some of the new bulidings will soon be opening. And he’s moved up to the 1st PE group in his wing, that that’s really good for him.  Football training was very hot for them, but they did get to pick up the new team kit for this year.  It’s got a lot of growing room in for them.

I tried to book in my car. Volvo can’t fit it in for 2 months for the diagnostics. So I’ve had to book it in to the independent it went for service/fixing in August. Even that is a 2 week wait. 

Thursday was a quieter day as I had fewer meetings. N’s bus was very late due to breakfdowns. But luckily it did turn up, just as I was heading out the door to see how many of them I could fit in the car to take to school.

On Friday it was another boiling hot day, and nice to be at the end of the week already. I found a half squashed giant spider at the bottom of the stairs so that’s been despatched. One down however many still roaming around. Tennis was short on numbers today but they did a good session and all the boys did some good tennis inbetween their banter and joking.

Saturday I had an early hair cut appointment. Of course the weather was boiling, so my make up was all sweated off and my hair didn’t last long looking good as I was so hot.  It was the first football match of the season. The boys team is in a new league, so we don’t know anything about the other teams. But today they had a brilliant win. Let’s hope the rest of the season goes like that.

We headed into town afterwards because N wanted to buy a fan for his room. Nothing like leaving it til the end of the summer season, but we got a couple of bargains from Tesco.

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  1. Kids grow so fast and always when you’re not expecting it. We struggled with trousers for our boys when they reached their teens having to move up into the mens for the wait bands and length. Our house has been full of spiders recently. Well done to N and his team off to a good start this season with the football

  2. Oh I didn’t know about the trainer sizes stopping at 5.5. Glad you managed to find some though.

    Thankfully the girls school also let them off wearing blazers this week too…it was just too hot

  3. Glad you managed to find a new pair of trainers for N. How frustrating that there’s a gap in sizes between youth sizes stopping and men’s sizes starting. Lovely to go and see Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet at the theatre. Hope you get your car sorted out soon. Well done to N’s team on their win. #project365

  4. Isn’t holiday washing the worst! Hope you managed to catch up. I always dread that part. I am glad the bus came just before you made the journey to pick them up. Glad you found something suitable in the end with the trainers. Probably the best time to buy a fan, well done getting a good deal!

  5. Ugh! That is rubbish about the trainers. My eldest shops from the men’s section for trainers for work in Sports Direct and managed to find a 6.5. They are so expensive though!
    It sounds like school is going well for N apart from the bus issues. x

    1. Yes the jump up in price from kids to mens. I wouldn’t mind so much but he also has tennis trainers, astros and football boots (moulded and metal studs), so gets ridiculous.

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