wasgij a day to remember

Wasgij Retro Original 4 – A day to remember puzzle

The problem with Wasgij puzzles is remembering to keep track of the ones you have and have done. I spotted A day to remember when looking online and ordered it. It’s nice to go back and do some of the older original puzzles. This Original 4 was re-released recently as one of their Wasgij Retro puzzles.

wasgij a day to remember

One of the Original range, the image on the box gives you one view of a bride and groom’s special day outside the church with a photographer about to take a photo. But the solution is an alternative view looking back out from the church towards the gate and town. Someone’s in trouble!

Like all the Wasgij puzzles, there’s lot of detail in it, lots to notice and enjoy once complete.

Because of the amount of detail and different colours, it’s not too hard a Wasgij to complete.

Check out my step by step guide on how to complete a Wasgij puzzle.

If you’re after the solution, scroll down.

wasgij original a day to remember puzzle

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What puzzles have you done recently?

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