front of blenheim palace all lit up

Project 52 2018 week 49 – Blenheim Lights

Only 3 weeks of Project 52 left until the end of the year. We’re approaching the fun times of Christmas and soon we’ll be past the shortest day of the year.  It’s the start of busy times, and logistics are getting interesting.  Overlapping times between my work Christmas do and N’s Christmas play being one. He’s said he’d rather have Granny go to the play. Charming.

This week started on Sunday when we met up with 2 of my blogging friends and Oxfordshire bloggers at Blenheim Palace to experience their new Cinderella festive displays in the palace and the illuminated light trail outside. It was a gorgeous experience despite the rain.  I’m just hoping that when we go to Waddesdon to see theirs it will be dry.

front of blenheim palace all lit up

On Monday it was a normal work and school day. Nothing interesting happened, although the OH was shooting somewhere else, so I had to leave work early and got to pick N up from multisports club. Nice to fleetingly see a few of the other parents.

Tuesday I was in Oxford for a work conference. There was a lot of networking time but for the first time it was quite good to have that time. The all veggie lunch was very sustainable but lots of us felt it was a bit lacking. Let’s face it, a buffet without sausage rolls…lacking.  N enjoyed his school swimming because they got to do lifesaving – pjs were worn. N absolutely loves anything different in swimming, and he was pleased to learn about a standing floating technique. Very odd, but he was convinced it works.

N’s teacher and TA this week have been having words with him about needing to read at home (N likes to think if he’s read in class he doesn’t need to at home) . The teacher had a chat about the kind of books he likes to read, and is going to try and get hold of some in the hope that will help.

Friday was our manic day. It was N’s school carol service in the afternoon, then he was singing with the school choir for the village Over 60s Christmas party. Then home for a quick tea, tennis lesson and then he had a sleepover at the farm, while we went out to friends for dinner. Frantic logistics, but all worked out thanks to another school mum who was able to drop N home after tennis.

The week ended with a great swimming lesson. The last couple of weeks I’ve mentioned that N’s teacher hasn’t been convinced about his breaststroke feet. During the week I’d set up some private lessons with another teacher there to sort the breaststroke out. But it seems N left it to the last minute to prove he could do it. They had only 4 of them turn up, so lots of space in the pool. It was legs week for front crawl and back stroke. At the end of the lesson she kept N behind and asked him to kick breaststroke down the length.. Her face was a picture. Amazement that he could do it fine.  She told him she was so proud of how hard he’d worked at it. So it looks like he wil be going up a level next term and we might not need the private lessons. Yay.

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  1. yeehhh well done on the swimming.
    Glad you enjoyed the networking day and found it interesting. I suppose a veggie buffet covers more angles than a meaty one.
    That was a lot to fit in on Friday.

  2. Those lights at Blenheim palace look great! Would love to see them

    Well done on the swimming and doing well with the breaststroke!

  3. Well done to N for proving to the teacher that he can go a level up!
    I’m thinking of going to see the lights at Blenheim with Eddie, just would need to figure out the bus times there and back.
    What does N like to read? Maybe buy him more of similar style books to tempt him.

    1. He’s asked the teacher for Tom Gates and Wimpy Kid. We’ve got a few of each – I read them at bedtime, but he’ll not read them himself past the first couple of chapters. He gets bored. I think we need to find some short story anthology books.

  4. so glad N has finally mastered the breaststroke kick, it will make swimming more enjoyable for him if he can move up a class. Love the lights, not seen any yet in Dubai as I’ve been away

  5. Eesh! Who has a buffet without sausage rolls. hehehe
    Good luck with the reading. With my youngest is was always a battle to get her to read at home.
    It sounds like you have been so busy. Well done to N with the swimming x

  6. Hi Emma, what a busy time you’re having! It must have been nice to meet up with some fellow bloggers and the lights at Blenheim do look lovely (shame about the rain). It’s good that N’s teacher spoke to him about his reading (or lack of), sometimes they just don’t listen to what we have to say.



  7. My word you’ve had a busy week. Love the lights on Blenheim Palace. Didn’t recognise the building at first but it looks impressive and what great perspective. #mysundayphoto

  8. Well done to N on the breaststroke! Glad you all survived your logistical nightmare day. I have so many of those! It’s good that the teacher is trying to encourage N to read, but unfortunately if a child doesn’t want to read, it’s very difficult to make them! Luckily mine were much older when they became reluctant readers. Welcome to my world of ‘lacking’ food choices – there is never much thought given to what vegetarians might want to eat! The lights at Blenheim are beautiful.

  9. Gorgeous Christmas lights. Well done to N for persevering with the swimming! #mysundayphoto

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