Green people sun lotion

Green People children’s sun lotion for summer

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We’ve just come back from a (mostly) warm and sunny week camping in Weymouth.  I seemed to have packed about 4 different sun creams or sprays in our luggage to cater for both myself and N, but one that we both like using is from Green People.

I’ve tended to use the Green People sun lotion in the past for N because I found it didn’t irritate his skin like other sun creams.  We’ve recently been sent the new children’s un-fragranced spf 30 sun lotion.

Green people sun lotion

I’ve never been one for using factor 50 sun lotion (we never go abroad to hot enough places to warrant it), so the new factor 30 is great.  It’s the maximum I’d use in the UK (the previous one we used was spf 25).  The mere 1% extra  UVB protection that spf50 has over spf30, makes you wonder why you’d need the extra.

We just slap on sun lotion as and when needed, and don’t worry much more about it.   I do generally prefer a spray for reaching other places that I can’t do myself, but thicker creams feel a bit more safe in that I know how much we’ve put on and where.

rubbing in sun lotion

The Green People sun lotion soaks in really quickly and doesn’t leave skin greasy.  N’s quite happy to put it on himself which is always reassuring.  Although his skin seems less sensitive now, I like the fact that it’s organic, has soothing Aloe Vera and Chamomile in and with no chemicals it’s marine friendly.  If you tend to buy ethical products it’s worth trying out.

putting on sun cream

A 150ml tube tends to last all summer when I send it to nursery with him, so the rrp £16.99 is good value.

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  1. Aww how lovely! We defo need it for the last couple of days – theyve been a scorcher! I have never heard of this brand! Thanks for sharing! Suz x

  2. We go through quite a lot of sun cream but I would prefer to find something organic as both my girls have slightly sensitive skin. It’s the price that always puts me off but you do get what you pay for #triedtested

    1. Yep, they always seem so expensive. But actually it’s fairly thick, and lasts well. I guess with more than 1 child it’s pricier to get through – we tend to only do arms, face and neck most of the time unless we’re on hols, then we’ll add legs, so fairly light users

  3. Many people have recommended I try this sun cream – my son has eczema and all sun creams seem to irritate him. Good to know you liked it. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. Love the sound and look of this, my eldest has urticaria and all kinds of foods and lotions can affect him and bring about a rash. We always favour natural and organic products when it comes to skincare. Your photos are adorable x

    1. Definitely worth a try then, organic and natural properties. We used it initially because other sun lotions brought N out in a rash. He’s grown out of that now, but still likes to use this one ‘his’! Thanks for the kind comments Vicky.

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