I’ve been de-cluttering quite a bit recently.  Really, with the last 2-3 months not working, I really should have started it earlier.

The craft drawers & boxes were first to be sorted out a couple of weeks ago, and now there’s very little that doesn’t fit inside the 3 chest of drawer storage.  The rest has been sold, given away or is up for sale.

The next thing has been kitchen drawers.  We have the ‘dumping ground’ drawer that every house has.  I know where everything is, but the OH moans every time he opens the drawer.  So this morning I cleaned it out.

I’m not sure N knew what was going on.  He enjoyed playing with the bits going for recycling that I dumped on the table.  I’ve made good use of old takeaway cartons which I’d previously used for jewellery making and have found absolutely tonnes of pens which were buried under the receipts and plain envelopes.

So now we have 2 lovely organised drawers.

Organised stationery drawer Organised bits drawer

I’ve also started on the toys clear out as well.  N’s pretty good and plays with lots of his toys, but there’s also items that are in the bottom of the toy bucket and need getting rid of. There was an NCT nearly new sale yesterday.  I want to sell next sale but that’s not until September, so I’m thinking I’ll need to declutter before then.  Especially as I’ve not yet brought yesterday’s bargains in from the car.  I’m also on the watch out for a good sized toy basket/chest to put everything in one place.

N doesn’t seem too concerned that I’ve been putting various toys and books in one big bucket and bag so it’s looking optimistic that there won’t be moaning when items go. Given he’s in full time childcare now, apart from weekends there’s not time to play with everything, and once we get some decent weather (cough, cough, fingers crossed), he’ll be playing outside more.  It makes sense to clear out now.

Here’s hoping I get rid quite quickly. It’d be nice to get some cash too to add to a holiday fund.

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