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Jigsaw storage ideas

I wrote a post about jigsaw storage a while ago as I was trying to find better ways of storing them.

Jigsaws for babies and toddlers are often the wooden boards so there’s no box, and even N’s larger tractor jigsaw did come with a box.  Unfortunately it was destroyed pretty quickly through play and god knows what else.

It seemed that zip lock bags were high on people’s lists so I tried that for a while.  All went well until N discovered them and started opening and closing them, then pulling the zip part off the top of the bags (amazing how strong toddlers can be!).  Plus of course, it’s not brilliantly safe letting youngsters loose on their own with plastic bags, and you can’t keep your eyes on them all the time.

I’ve been trying to do some tidying up over the last few weeks in the hope of getting rid of some toys, and clearing out to bring over some of my mum’s furniture at some point (the OH won’t be happy with more stuff turning up in our house!).  We have an old cupboard that was left by my sister in law when they moved out of next door and I cleared out all of their junk from it so there’s room in there for N’s games and jigsaws.

There’s always lots of old boxes floating around in the utility room in the hope of me using them at some point, and I remembered I had a few children’s shoe boxes.  One’s a little large, but I took a couple of polaroid photos of the contents, stuck them on the end of the boxes, and voila, we have jigsaw storage boxes (for the pieces at least).

jigsaw storage

We seem to have mislaid N’s car jigsaw pieces which must be somewhere around, and I need to find all the pieces of his Peppa Pig jigsaw, but all in the cupboard is neat and tidy.  N’s discovered what’s in there as well, so he can see what’s in there easily and get out things to play with.

I just need to get him used to packing away afterwards rather than leaving everything on the floor!

How do you store jigsaws and games?

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