Tractor Ted obsession

I’m a little concerned with N’s obsession with Tractor Ted.

It seems harmless enough…educational dvds, learning about farming and therefore what his family are involved in.

But he wants to watch a dvd every day without fail.

Tractor Ted dvd
Examining the Tractor Ted dvd box

The other day it sounded like he was being traumatised, when really I’d just refused to put it on. Thankfully although he can turn on the tv and dvd player, he’s not quite grasped the fact that the tv needs to be turned to the correct input to get the dvd player on.

I tried to encourage him to do one of his tractor jigsaws…’no, Tractor Ted’.

Then tried the Tractor Ted activity book he has…’no, Tractor Ted dvd’.

Uh oh. It wasn’t quite a meltdown, but it was seriously close.

I wouldn’t mind so much, but at least if he watched kids tv, he would get a bit more variety. But he’s not usually that keen on normal television.

At least he’s at nursery and playing with his cousin during the working week, so he hasn’t really got access to much tv the rest of the time. He must have seen Peppa Pig at his cousin’s house though, as we don’t watch it at home, because he knows who Peppa, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig are…George gets ignored.  At home with Peppa Pig, he’s got some Peppa playing cards and a jigsaw, so he’s happy with those.

With dry weather it does mean that he can roam a bit outside, but that’s not really possible when I need to get tea cooked and ready for us once he’s in bed…However, that caused another fuss last night when he realised he had to go to bed and wouldn’t be having ‘tea at home, not nursery’.

At the rate he’s going, he’ll turn into Tractor Ted, and will be eating an additional meal every evening with us, on top of his nursery meals.

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