Am I talking to myself?

Do we talk to ourselves? Do people really listen? In my case, I do wonder sometimes.

I know I have a tendency to ramble on, and I’m quite happy when friends (and past work colleagues) say they’re just nodding as I rabbit on. Half the time that’s probably fine, and there’s been an agreement (all on a humorous basis), so I’m fine with that…especially when I’m really talking to myself and don’t actually want feedback from them.

At work though, it would be nice if when you walk over to someone to speak to them about something important, people look up and listen rather than continuing to check their mobiles. I’d like to think that I’d look up from my pc if someone was coming over so I could concentrate on what they’re saying.

At my last work, ‘rules’ were made for meetings saying no playing with mobiles…it makes for more productive meetings and is more respectful, so I’m surprised that there’re still meeting’s where it’s seemingly be acceptable for people to pick up and fiddle with phones (social media/blogging conferences allowed – slightly different there!).

Then more hassles trying to get some progress on an appointment for N’s tongue tie at our local hospital. 6 weeks since the initial doctor’s and 4 since a second doctor’s appointments, and 2 ½ weeks since my first phone call to set the wheels in motion for an appointment. Supposedly I should have received an appointment through the post within 2 weeks for an appointment within 3 months. Well, no appointment forthcoming so I rang again as I’d been advised to.

Firstly, I got cut off, so had to redial and be put on hold again while I waited for a free person. Then I was told, ENT are really busy so you’ll just have to wait for an appointment and it won’t be for months.

I knew that, but what I wanted to know was when I’d be getting the letter given it was already late…it’s bound to be a date we can’t do, so I’ll then need to start the process again. I don’t think the person on the other end (nice as she was, although I’m sure she shared more about the department in question than she should have done) was really listening to what I was asking. It was probably due to the lack of knowledge that she had in that she was a booking line but actually they just put a request to the hospital to book the appointment. Given that I could probably have got things moving quicker had I chosen a hospital in the county just over the border rather than our local one, being able to book an appointment for myself online, it’s annoying that it’s now in one system with no answers. There doesn’t seem to be a lot I can do.

At the rate we’re going, it’s going to be 3-4 months down the line and I’ll still be waiting for some communication from them.

I don’t even know who we’re seeing (I’m presuming a speech therapist first), but now I’m noticing more about the jumbled-ness and lack of progress in clarity of N’s speech as I’m more aware of it, I want to get things moving so he doesn’t fall too behind and then get annoyed because he can’t be as clear as he could be.

What do you get annoyed about when you’re struggling to be heard?

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