toddler swollen nose

Bashed up boy

Poor N’s had his biggest bump today.

He was at nursery today, was running around outside, came charging up towards the open patio doors, tripped and went face first into the edge of the door frame.  Ouch, I hear you all say.

Quite a few tears, lots of cuddles from his key worker, and an ice pack later, he’s come out the other side with a split and now swollen wonky lip, a swollen and bruised nose, with a diagonal purple line from the frame edge down his nose and top of his lip.

Thankfully after a bit of wariness about going outside to play again, he was soon fine, he ate double portions of lunch as normal, had his usual sleep, and although he wanted a few more cuddles than usual, he was fine and acting like normal once I’d picked him up early so I could get him checked out as the swelling had come up even more.

toddler swollen nose

The doctor had a push and prod at his nose, which he didn’t try to escape from and didn’t seem to concern him at all, checked there was no swelling inside.  I also got her to check his ears as several people had mentioned if he’s having lots of bumps like he is and having been scared of the chain saws, it might have indicated an infection.  But all clear.  He’s obviously just clumsy because he’s having a bit of a growth spurt!

Anyway, he’s been really brave today.  I’ve slopped on some aloe gelly to try and ease the bruising and we’ll see how much dribble he’s been lying in my the morning.  I guess we won’t be going to get his photos taken on Saturday.  Getting bashed up was a pretty drastic way for him to get out of it.

I wonder what other scrapes he’ll get into over the years.  With 6 older cousins, I dread to think.

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    1. Thanks. It’s great at this age, it’s like nothing ever happened. Today, the line is much more marked now. Looks like someone’s just drawn down his face!

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