Wasgij destiny 26 organic overload

Wasgij Destiny 26 Organic Overload

The incoming of autumn means it’s time to get out the jigsaw puzzles. Of course some might do them all year round, but I do tend to do more puzzles in the autumn and winter months. Luckily I’ve had a few, including the latest 2 Wasgij puzzles to complete.  The first one the list was the Wasgij Destiny 26 Organic Overload puzzle, another of the 1000 piece range.

Wasgij destiny 26 organic overload

Organic Overload is set in a market. With the Wasgij Destiny range you need to work out what the future image of the box picture would look like to complete the puzzle. It did remind me a bit of the earlier Market Meltdown puzzle, but is quite different apart from the setting.

With the standard comedy characters (animal print woman and blue old lady) and goings on, there’s plenty to amuse you once you’ve make the solution.

Usually I find the newer puzzles easier, but this one was a bit more challenging than other recent Wasgij releases.

You can find the Wasgij Destiny 26 Organic Overload solution further down the page.

If you want to find out how to do Wasgij puzzles* the logical way, check out my post here.  And this portapuzzle is my favourite way to do my puzzles.

wasgij destiny 26 organic overload solution

Let me know how you get on.

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