the moon through the trees in morning

Project 366 2016 week 4

I thought this week that I’d taken plenty of photos for Project 366, but looking back I’m pretty short on some days.  I had thought I’d taken a lot – it shows how little I actually remember during the week.  So, on to week 4.

On Sunday I headed to the car wash.  It does make me sometimes wonder whether I should wash the car at home with a bucket (or down at the farmyard with the washer) so he knows how to do it himself, but I’m too lazy.  It’s much easier and quicker to occasionally go to the car wash in town.  I do love to watch the ripples and water across the windscreen.

windscreen in a car wash

On Monday I didn’t taken more than a couple of photos.  This one shows N scoffing yet more food.  A Frube at breakfast.  He’s always been funny about breakfast. Sometimes he’ll eat loads, other times virtually nothing which is always worrying when I want to send him to school with some decent food inside him.  And when usually he eats a lot.

eating Frubes

On Tuesday again I took very few photos.  This was sunrise from my window with a really ‘mottled’ sky.  Now I’ll probably miss the sunrises because they’re getting earlier.

sunrise on the farm

On Wednesday evening on my way out of town from work, I took this photo of Banbury Cross.  I have no idea what the blue blob is at the top of the structure.  It’s very odd how it’s just appeared.  My photo doesn’t really do justice to show how amazing the cross looked in the blue glow of evening.

Banbury cross in the blue glow of sunset

On Thursday (I’ve realised how many photos of the sky I take!) I took this on the way to work after dropping N at morning club.  The moon was still up at around 8.30, and looked wonderful through the framing of the trees.  I only had my phone camera so not too much detail is seen in the photo, but I still like the composition of it.

the moon through the trees in morning

On Friday we had our mad panic trip off to Asda to get the cake done for the party at the weekend.  I had a slight panic when we programmed in the photo we wanted on the cake, only to find there was no staff member in the bakery section.  A quick wander round found another staff member who tracked down a manager who could do the cake computer bits needed.  Phew.  Ten minutes later, after a quick whizz round the shop to get a couple of final items, and we had the cake we needed.

shopping in Asda

On Saturday it was a busy day of hair cuts, swimming, school shoe shopping and party preparations.  The OH was out shooting, so we had meatballs for tea – N’s with pasta, and I had spiralised courgette and carrots with it instead.  Delicious.

meatballs and vegetable spaghettei

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  1. my two love Frubes (and yogurts) I have to buy some many each week!
    Your meatball dish looks delicious! and the spiralalised veg makes the plate so much more colourful.
    great capture of the moon in the blue sky x

    1. Thanks Jenny. N’s funny – he loves frubes and yoghurts, but sometimes will ask for them, then won’t eat them right until the last minute of the use by. Drives me nuts because I never know whether to buy them or not.

  2. I absolutely love that trees and moon picture, I’ve got a bit of a thing about trees and the sky at the moment. N sounds a lot like Cheeky Chap with food, he’s either eating constantly or seemingly starving himself. There never seems to be any middle ground. Maybe it’s just thing for boys of their age?

    1. Thanks Rachel. I’m a bit obsessed too – although it does make it easier to take nice photos/any at all if the sky’s looking great!

      N’s always been a bit funny with breakfast. But then he spends all morning snacking so I’d rather he ate a good breakfast.

  3. I’ve been considering spiral courgette but I love love pasta! Maybe I’ll mix them up…anything to convince Hubster to let me buy the spiral maker 🙂
    You captured such a beautiful sunrise, what a view to start the day.

    1. I love pasta too. That’s the problem when I’m on a diet, so this is a great alternative. I reckon it’d be nice mixed although you’d probably want to quickly blanch the veg too.

  4. Love the two sky photos (the framing of the trees and the moon is lovely in the second one) and the photo of Banbury Cross. Hope all went well with the party and glad you managed to get the cake in time! 🙂

    1. Thanks Louise. I love the moon one too. Easier doing daytime moon photos than night ones!

      Yes, party went well, and cake was fine after the panic.

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