keto low carb easter egg cheesecakes

Keto easter egg cheesecakes

If you’re cutting down on sugar and carbs there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself at Easter. In the past I’ve always struggled with Easter chocolates. I don’t know why they draw me in, but this year I’ve not had the same issue. Having been off normal chocolate for the last 11 months, I find anything like that much too sweet. But I wanted to recreate A Mummy Too’s Easter egg cheesecakes. Here you can find out how to make keto Easter egg cheesecakes.

keto low carb easter egg cheesecakes

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You start with making the chocolate easter egg shells. Then you layer up the different textures..

In the base of the chocolate Easter egg half, a crushed nut and butter mix. Then a smooth creamy cheesecake filling.

You can add any type of topping, whether that’s whipped cream, grated chocolate or chopped nuts.

These are great for having a special dessert at Easter and would be a great way to extend Easter if you’ve got any chocolate Easter eggs leftover (my son still has eggs left from last Easter – madness. When I was a child, our family would have demolished our Easter chocolate on Easter Sunday so it was all gone.

But with keto, I’ve not yet see any sugar free Easter Eggs, so it’s a longer process than the original thanks to having to make the chocolate egg halves yourself. I find them quite hard to make perfect, but they don’t have to be. With a little bit of practice it doesn’t take a lot to improve, so I’ll be trying these several more times in the run up to Easter.

close up of holding a keto easter egg cheesecake

Making the low carb chocolate easter egg shells


  • 150g Unsweetened (or very dark 90-100%) chocolate
  • 20g cocoa butter drops (optional)

Recommended chocolate

The hardest part of this recipe is making the chocolate Easter egg halves. You’ll need egg shaped moulds*. I have 6 shapes to a mould so they’re big enough for this purpose and are probably easier to handle than having larger mould sizes which will be easier to break. Plus you probably won’t want to eat a larger version all by yourself as these desserts can be quite rich. Smaller is better as it’s more of a treat.

To make the egg shells, melt sugar free chocolate (I generally use unsweetened chocolate drops, but you can buy sugar free or 90-100% cocoa chocolate like Montezumo or Chocologic) in a microwave or bain marie (water bath). Because I used unsweetened, I did add some cocoa butter drops which help stabilise it once hardened.

Leave the chocolate to cool a little, then pour into the mould, swirling around to covered with a decent layer. Leave to harden in the fridge before you can unmould to use.

keto easter egg halves in moulds

I didn’t initially use enough chocolate to make the shell (and made the mistake of freezing them to speed up the hardening) so added another layer, then let it set again. But the 2 layers didn’t bond properly. So either add more chocolate in the first place, or just refrigerate for a shorter time and add the second layer before the first is totally set.

Making the cheesecake base


  • 15g unsalted butter
  • 80g nuts, chopped small

In the bottom of the Easter eggs you’ll add your cheesecake ‘base’. I stuck with blitzed nuts – you can use any kind of nut – pecan, almond, hazelnut. I had lots of roasted hazelnuts so used them, and just blitzed them in my small electric chopper/blender until small.

Add in some melted butter and mix to combine.

I added my nut mix into the eggs. I’d recommend removing the eggs from the silicone moulds first so you’ll know if the shells will hold or break. You can always pop them loosely back into the moulds to hold them upright while adding the nut and butter mix.

keto easter egg chocolate shells with cheesecake nutty base

Don’t press down too hard, and you don’t want to make too thick a layer. Just enough to have some of that nutty flavour and texture come through.

Make the cheesecake filling


  • 200g cream cheese, full fat
  • 40g powdered erythritol or equivalent keto friendly sweetener
  • 100ml double cream (heavy cream)
  • 20g cocoa or 75g melted sugar free chocolate

If using the chocolate, melt it in the microwave (or over a bain marie or water bath) until smooth, then set aside to cool.

While waiting, beat the cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add the cocoa and combine.

mixing cocoa with cream cheese and sweetener

Beat the cream in a separate bowl until it’s medium peaks, then combine with the cream cheese until mixed.

If using chocolate rather than cocoa, once the chocolate is cooled down you can add this and fold into the cheesecake mix.

keto cheesecake filling chocolate flavour

It should be fairly thick, but if not refrigerate for a bit until thicker.

Spoon the cheesecake mixture into each Easter egg half. I made 6 smaller shells. But depending on the size of your moulds you may have more or less to fill. You can just adapt the recipe volumes to suit.

cheesecake filled easter egg halves

To decorate

  • Extra unsweetened chocolate, melted to drizzle over the top
  • Chopped nuts
  • Dried berries or a few fresh raspberries

Decorate as you want – it’s nice to melt chocolate and drizzle that artistically over, or add berries, nuts or chocolate shavings.

keto chocolate easter egg cheesecakes

Chill in the fridge until you want to eat them.

I’d advise eating the Easter egg cheesecakes in a bowl rather than straight into the mouth as they can be messy. But they look really pretty, and are a different seasonal way to eat cheesecakes.

firm cheesecake filling in an easter egg shell

If you have cheesecake mixture leftover, you can just spoon into bowls, add berries and eat as a dessert.

overhead shot of keto easter eggs cheesecakes

If like me the rest of the family don’t eat low carb, you can just make these with sugar and normal chocolate, and keep the low carb ones for yourself!

Do let me know how you get on with trying these.

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