day trip to Knockhatch adventure park - Bubbablue and me

Play at Knockhatch Adventure Park

N definitely takes after me.  He loves leaflets.  Anywhere we go he’ll spot them and pick them up, and then spend ages ‘reading’ them.  The doctors surgery, museums, shops, sports centres.  So when we stopped at the services on the way to Eastbourne I knew he’d love to pick up some Sussex leaflets and that would help us decide what we’d do while on holiday.

Only a few minutes into the journey he’d already spotted the electric quad bikes at Knockhatch Adventure Park and decided that we would be going there. Luckily it was nearby, so the next day I’d arranged to meet friends there and we were ready for a day of fun.  Annoyingly I forgot to take the voucher that was provided in our hotel’s kids pack which would have given us buy one get one free.

day trip to Knockhatch adventure park - Bubbablue and me

We arrived early – the directions online said follow the brown signs, but we didn’t see any at the roundabout we needed so it was lucky we continued on to find the entrance on another roundabout.  As well as the adventure park/farm, there’s activities for older children and adults, so it must be a pretty big site.

Entrance depends on peak or off peak dates, but being Easter holidays it meant everything was open.  The prices were still reasonable for entry at £9.99 for 2 years+ and family tickets available (cheaper than Hatton Adventure World which is essentially the same type of place), but I was disappointed to see how many of the activities you then had to pay for on top (compared with Hatton where everything is free).  I knew N wanted to go on the quad bikes which were only £1, but it could end up being expensive if children wanted to go on bungee trampolines, quads, climbing walls etc.

knockhatch daily info
It’s easy to remember what’s going on

We’d met my friend (a birth board friend I’d only ever met online before) and her children, and the boys seemed to join in ok with each other when they felt the need.  Then N got stroppy.  It seemed to be a theme on this break which is highly unusual so I wasn’t too impressed.

We had a quick look round some of the animals, rabbits, goats, birds and pigs.  My friend had bought animal feed for her children, but it was a bit of a mystery which ones we were meant to feed. Unfortunately one animal got a bonus because the 2 year old managed to feed it all of her cup instead of just tipping a little bit out.

meerkat at knockhatch adventure park
The posing meerkat

The boys loved the quad bikes.  Although it was Easter and good weather, arriving at opening time meant nothing was busy and we had no problem going on what they wanted to.  The ride wasn’t long, but good enough value for the £1 we paid.

driving quad bikes at Knockhatch Adventure Park

The sandpit and play area had some great climbing frames and slides, catering for all ages.  We could spot people going down the water ‘shute/zip’ although didn’t get close enough.  I wonder if N will ever fancy going on something like that when he’s older?  Hopefully!

Sandpit play area at Knockhatch adventure park
playing in the sandpit at knockhatch adventure park

We saw the owls, against the background of N’s moaning that he wanted to go to the bouncy pillows.  It’s always good for him to be with other children and realise that sometimes he needs to wait and do what others want to do as well.

bouncing pillows at knockhatch adventure park

The bouncy pillows were great.  Cut up tyre flooring meant no sandy feet afterwards, and there was a large and smaller pillow.  As usual it was a free for all rather than people taking note of the age per pillow, but they were big enough to take it. Of course once there, N decided he didn’t want more than a bounce.

There were plenty of other play areas – some had been a bit swampy to get to, so we stuck to the drier areas.

emerging from the tube slide at knockhatch adventure park
obstacle course at knockhatch adventure park
swings ride at Knockhatch adventure park

Then we had a leisurely stroll over to the soft play as it was nearing lunch by that stage.

looking out at knockhatch adventure park

The soft play area was brilliant.  It was light, airy, not stuffy at all, with plenty of seating.  The frame and play area drew the kids in straight away, and there was also a smaller toddler area with some baby sensory pieces.  I can tell N’s getting more confident because he was straight into the soft play without dragging me around with him.  Previously I usually had to go round once with him, but bonus is I now get to sit down straight away.

The café is basic – drinks, kids lunchboxes, sandwiches/toasties and jacket potatoes.  We ordered just before 12, the kids had their lunchboxes straight away (around £4.95 which included a Capri Sun, Walkers crisps, a full round of sandwiches, and a freddo/raisins or piece of fruit).  They have a ‘deli counter’ system where as your order is done, your number flicks round on the screen and you can go and collect it.  A good system, although it did feel like it took a bit of time.  But more efficient than many busy places.

By that time we were done and ready to leave and go on to the next place, but there was plenty more to see if we’d wanted to stick around.  N had an ice cream on the way out – he can’t resist, and we were on holiday after all.  The car parks were full so it’s definitely a place to arrive early and make a whole day of it to get the most value out of a bargain day out.

Have you been to Knockhatch Adventure Park?  What similar places are near you?

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  1. The bouncy pillows and quad bikes look like fun. I would find it frustrating too to have to pay for extras on top – I much prefer it when it’s all included in the entrance price – at least that way you know how much it’s all likely to cost! Sounds like N enjoyed himself in spite of having a moan about things here and there and it does sound like it was a fun day out overall. Glad to hear the soft play bit was really good as well.

  2. I have never seen bouncy pillows before. Im too much of a new parent I guess! Looks fun though. It looks like a lovely place to go out. I’m a leaflet fiend too. I have a stack of leaflets from the local tourist information to flick through one evening. I like to find somewhere new to go to! #countrykids

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. A good day out for us always involves big bouncy pillows too! It’s the first thing my two head to. What a bargain too. Also the lunchbox isn’t to bad a price all things considering. A lot of places like that would use it as excuse to really hike the prices up! #countrykids

  4. Were lucky enough to have knockhatch on our doorstep. We have had annual passes for 3yrs now and love the place . We had annual passes for drusillas for a couple of years but at over £20 more a person for annual pass had to say no to drusillas . I shall just use my clubcard points and make a day of it at drusillas in the summer holidays.
    Knockhatch are always adding new attractions, since we started going they have added the ice skating, paddling pool, wave runner, the chair merry go round has actually been replaced with a new one, and now they are currently building a new second soft play.

  5. I laughed at the start when you mentioned leaflets – I have so many it’s getting ridiculous. It’s great knowing about this park as it would be a great stop off when we next head down to the coast.

  6. I’ve not heard of this one, we visit Sussex quite often as Nick’s Mum lives there, this would have been right up my kids street when they were younger. Those pillow trampolines are great, I can never resist a bounce when I see one, never mind the kids. Were the merry- go-round chairs manual or automatic? I rather fancy a manual one that didn’t need manning here at Coombe Mill. I must say I’m not keen on the idea of paying to go in and then paying for rides on top, I know mine would all want the most expensive things. Other than that it looks like a great recommendation. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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