simmental heifers in field at sunset

Project 52 2024 week 23

Can’t believe we’re only a couple of weeks off the longest day. Eek. But it’s week 23 and we’ve had quite a good week weatherwise. So let’s hope that continues. Here’s my Project 52 for this week.

Sunday – had another headache so it wasn’t a great day. Well, it was for N who jetwashed the patio. I planted (hopefully) some flower seeds I randomly found in a drawer, so we’ll see if any of those come up.  My attempt to buy some shrubs and flowers failed because I just had no idea what to buy. So I’ll have to attempt that another time. A warm day but we still had a roast.

Monday – back to work and school. Yay to a later alarm now the road’s open for the bus to go into the village. Ok, so it’s only 15 minutes, but that 15 minutes is so nice. I had a panic that the parents information evening at school for their PGL trip had moved from Thursday they originally said, to Friday which the newsletter stated (and which I would struggle to do). Had to email to check. Had been optimistic about it being flipflop weather. It wasn’t, I was back in my slippers and under my blanket for work. I always get so cold while working.

Tuesday – phew, parent info evening was confirmed as Thursday. It was a super busy day at work. Not much else went on, just work, a quick nip out at lunchtime, and chivvying N to do his various bits of homework considering he’s busy all the rest of this week.

Wednesday – another busy day at work. After school it was football training ahead of their tournament at the weekend. A lovely evening chatting to other parents. I miss it when it’s off season.

Thursday – it was a bit of a logistical dinner because everyone was out in the evening. N had a clay shooting lesson, while I was at school for a parents information evening for their PGL trip. It does annoy me that they say it’s for parents, but then everyone tends to take their kids along. And when they do the presentation they’re talking to the kids. So why not just call it a pre-trip information evening and not state it’s parents (not that N was available anyway.

Friday – I forgot to turn on the plug when I put N’s phone on to charge, and he didn’t notice in the morning, so when he did notice he only had 11% battery left. That was a quick 30 minute charge, and luckily it got him past the return bus journey. Technology wasn’t my friend as my right shift key on my keyboard isn’t working unless you hit it in exactly the right place so it’s a bit annoying (I’ve organised to be in the office next week to switch it).

N had his first junior tennis helper ‘job’. He’s helping out with the youngest group because it’s a big group, and enjoyed it. But it means dropping him off, picking up 45 minutes later, and having tea ready as soon as he gets in, so he’s then ok to play again for his session 2 hours later.

Saturday – picked up my new reading glasses. The old ones weren’t that different to normal vision, but I’ve had them 5 years, so they said I’d need a stronger prescription. The glasses felt much bigger than those I tried on when I chose them. They didn’t alter the arms, so I’ll need to go back and get that fixed. But they’re really strong, so everything outside of immediate text is blurry. In the shop it was awful and made me feel dizzy. I’m meant to be able to wear them for computer use as well as reading (and the optician said maybe it could be beneficial for tv too), but while my laptop looks normal, I can’t wear them for the monitor because the text is just too wobbly from the blur. So I’ll have to get them to check that, as I do need my glasses for the monitor and can’t use the new ones. That’ll be a lunchtime trip out when I’m in the office on Monday. Otherwise I’m going to be switching between the 2 pairs which is ridiculous.

N finished his geography project, while I baked a traybake for the football tournament on Sunday. I finished my puzzle and a book too.

simmental heifers in field at sunset

New posts this week:

Things I’m grateful for this week:

  • Some nice sunny weather outside (although still chilly while working in the house)
  • Chatting to tennis mums and football parents
  • The normal bus route being back in operation

Things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • Having N come into town with me
  • Watching Geek Girl (yes I watch teen stuff!). I’ve never read the book, but it did make me a bit emotional at the end.
  • N getting his first premium bonds win.

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  1. Glad to hear the buses are running back to normal now. I do hate the parent information evenings when people bring kids of all ages along, so annoying. Hope you get your new glasses sorted out soon.

  2. Ahh! My girls love jet washing anything, so much so they play a game on their computers jet washing things.
    If I am buying shrubs or flowers I just go with whatever looks pretty. lol
    Good on N for helping out with the tennis.
    It does sound like something is not right with your new glasses. I hope you get them sorted.

  3. Sounds like a busy week at work.

    An extra 15 mins can definitely make a difference. Sounds like a bit of a headache with the glasses. Hope that gets sorted.