homegrown spring onions by size

Project 52 2020 week 30 – homegrown spring onions

It’s another day, another Project 52. And the first full week of the summer holidays. Here’s what we got up to for week 30 of the year.

Sunday we didn’t do much. N felt better today after his tonsils came up on Saturday. Mucked around in the garden and lazed around. We went to one of the sister in law’s for dinner as it was my mother in law’s birthday. Totally against social distancing rules as it was 3 households (if you count us as being the same as the farm), and 15 of us. All outside though, and it was so nice to actually talk to both sister in laws and the nephews and my goddaughter, as I’ve not seen them to speak to since March.

Monday it was the first day of work with no home schooling. N basically mooched most of the day as he didn’t feel well again. His right tonsil was up with white spots and he was really tired. Usually when I work during school holidays, N’ll be out on the farm all day, but with me at home he knew he could pick and choose. Next week I’ll have to start putting a ban on the laptop/farming simulator to get him doing stuff.

On Tuesday, we had a Doctor’s phone appointment again for N’s tonsillitis.They called me back after the end of surgery, so the dispensary was shut at our surgery. We had to go to the partner surgery to pick it up. 20 minute journey to find that they didn’t have any of it in, and we’d have to come back the next day. The doctor prescribed a different penicillin as ENT doctors quite often ask you to try that before having a consultation. N’s appointment is next week so it was worth trying the new one to make sure we didn’t have to then wait longer to try this one later.

Wednesday we had to head back to the surgery again. It was a bit of a wait as they had to make N’s prescription up, and the person who they jumped ahead was picking up numerous prescriptions for about 4 people. N prefered this medicine, but I think it’s been making him a bit hyper.

On Thursday not much happened. N layered up the leftovers to make the lasagne. He rarely makes a full meal, just dips into do the parts he likes doing.

Friday was a short work day or me. N went out on the farm for a bit. I finished my puzzle, we had an early tea leaving the OH’s for him to have later while we were at tennis. Tennis has been going well, with only 3 in the group. We just need to have a consistent coach. Serving was a bit of a disaster, but hopefully practising weekly will help again though. The other 2 boys were exhausted which was frustrating for N and for me (given I’m paying for 1 1/2 hours of tennis, not them sitting around).

On Saturday, my day was meant to be starting with a visit to Stowe. But yet again the weather was due to rain right at the time I was there. Showers at home but due more rain there. Added to that I had a headache, and N was refusing to come. I tried to cancel my slow but it seems harder than it should be. So a day at home, and my headache was gone by mid afternoon.

This week’s photo is on our random spring onions. I planted seeds last year in the garden wall, but they were a bit rubbish as didn’t get enough water. This year, I’ve done nothing with them. Obviously we’ve had more rain, and this year we’ve had this huge one. The green leaves are a bit rubbish, but mammoth bulbs. Next year I’ll have to make an effort and actually grow something intentionally.

homegrown spring onions by size

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  1. Well done on the spring onions. We had our first of the year the other week too – I’ve been growing them in the conservatory. Sorry to hear about N’s tonsillitis again I do hope he’s feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks Erica. Next year I’ll need to make the effort to grow something else. Might get a couple of large tubs and try things in those. The hard thing will be keeping the one dog off who likes to dig

  2. Sorry to hear about N’s tonsillitis again I hope he’s feeling better. The social distancing rules are all nuts, to be honest! I am glad you got to meet up with family. Hope the tennis is still going well.

    1. I think they make sense but if you’ve all been basically in a bubble (farmers work pretty much in a bubble anyway all the time, apart from when the women go shopping or the nephews/men go to the pub, that if we’re all meeting together, it’s not spreading outside. Only 2 of the 15 are working off the farm as the others are either off school, working from home, or work on the farm anyway.

  3. Awww your own spring onions! I’d love to grow my own, I love having them in my cauliflower cheese recipe, absolutely delicious! Sorry to hear N’s tonsilis have flared up again. I’m catching up now but hope the consultation went well and there is some movement! So glad you got to have a meet up with the in-laws, not seeing people in so long is extremely hard but hope you all had a fantastic time, it certainly gives you a boost! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

    1. ENT appointment was ok. We’re going to review in 6 months as Covid is making the risk overtake the benefit. Although he did say it was strange N wasn’t getting a temperature with it.

  4. Fingers crossed this lot of medication can help N a bit more. Well done with growing the spring onions, I’ve only been growing fruits and veg that appear above ground, will be trying root vegetables next year though. Hope you all enjoyed meeting up for lunch, I’m guessing as you’re all family, one farm etc that it is easy to trace who you’ve been in contact with.

    1. Most of us haven’t been going out. The other women just go out food shopping if needed, I’m working at home. Only 2 of the nephews are working off the farm/locally, so apart from if they’re meeting up with friends, it would be straightforward to work out.

  5. Sorry to hear N’s tonsils bother him again, and hope the medication has helped.
    The onions’ roots make an interesting pattern for a photo. I’ve tried growing some from seeds this year as well, but they are very spindly.

  6. Sorry to hear your son’s having more tonsil issues again πŸ™ it is a lot of back and forth trying to sort out medication. Fingers crossed things start to improve now. I haven’t managed to grow vegetables so I actually quite like your spring onions, you have done better than me with them anyway!

  7. I love spring onions but have never tried to grow them. Well done, they look very tasty indeed. Sorry to hear that N has tonsilitis again, hopefully you will get the news you want at his consultation

  8. Poor N with tonsillitis again but glad you were able to get a different antibiotic and hope all goes well with the consultation. The spring onions look good – I’ve been trying to grow some this year but haven’t had a lot of success. #project366

  9. Poor N suffering with tonsillitis, I usually get it several times a year! Its a right pain until I get some pen v. I love spring onions, wish I had green fingers to start growing our own. I am sure I could do the unintentional approach tho! lol

    1. It’s horrible. My husband usually gets it a couple of times too. It’s so much better if they can get removed when they’re young.

  10. Oh no, not more tonsil problems ! I hope you manage to get a permanent solution soon as it must be so tiring (and annoying !). I’m glad you got back to tennis, even if you wore out your opponents ! Lovely to meet up with the family – it’s complicated keeping up with the rule changes but I think that’s ok now. The spring onions look like some I’ve seen at the local markets here so maybe they’re supposed to have big white bulbs and not much on top ?! I have no idea !

    1. They’re more authentic rather than supermarket ‘perfect’ I suppose. We’re still only meant to meet in groups of 6 socially distanced here, but I think many people aren’t aware at all what the rules are meant to be.

  11. How lovely to have a family get together. I don’t think many people worry about social distancing rules any more – or even know what they are! Sorry to hear N is suffering with his tonsils again.
    It’s good to hear that N is back at tennis now, even if the other boys don’t work as hard! We always find it frustrating when kids are like that. I wonder why they even bother to go.

    1. It’s usually the girls who aren’t serious about playing and go for the social. The boys are usually fine, but N’s quite sensible and doesn’t do lots of physical activity on a Friday beforehand, whereas the others do. It’s quite later on a Friday for their age I think, so no wonder they’re tired.

  12. Ahh! It sounds like a lovely get together on Sunday. I don’t think it’s against social distancing rules when you were all outside. Plenty of people are going to pub beer gardens and mixing with more than one other household.
    Poor N. It must be getting you all down with him being poorly again and again with his tonsils.
    Well done with the spring onions. x

    1. People are mixing, but it’s still only meant to be up to 6 people from 2 households. Although pubs don’t seem to be following the rules/customers are ignoring them. I think the rules have just got so complicated now, everyone’s forgetting what we’re at.

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