wasgij highway hold up puzzle solution

Wasgij Destiny 21 Highway Hold-Up puzzle solution

I’ve gradually been getting hold of some of the newer Wasgij puzzles. Yay, people have obviously either got sick of them in lockdown, or now it’s easing, have started getting out of the house more and back to work, so have less time for doing puzzles. If you’re new to Wasgij puzzles, you can find all my puzzle solutions so far, at the bottom of this post.

wasgij highway hold up puzzle solution

The latest Wasgij puzzle I’ve completed is Wasgij Destiny 21 Highway Hold Up. A destiny range puzzle, the image is of old fashioned highwaymen being caught by the police.

It needs creating into a modern day version of the same scene.

One of the fun things with Wasgij puzzles is spotting the characters or same outfits across different puzzles, and this has a couple that are easy to spot.

I always find the newer puzzles much easier to complete than the older Wasgij, so if you’re starting out, this is a good one to start with.

You can find the solution below, and find all my other Wasgij solutions. Or buy Wasgij puzzles through my affiliate link.

Wasgij destiny highway hold up

What’s been your favourite Wasgij puzzle?

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