setting up WWF tumble tower

Supporting WWF through tumble tower game and puzzles

I love slow toys and really want to ensure that N sees the value in traditional games and toys.  So I was excited to be sent a WWF game and jigsaw from Great Gizmos to try out.

Slow play with Great Gizmos WWF Tumbling Tower and jigsaw puzzles

N was even more excited than me on opening the box.  He jumped immediately on the Miombo tumbling tower game and claimed it for his own.  I introduced him to the game with a giant version on our holiday to Devon, so it would be interesting to see how he got on.

The Miombo tumble tower is made from sustainable FSC wood, and features patterns from various animals in the Miombo woodlands.  The 48 blocks are really great quality, and the patterns add something extra to the game.  It’s not enough just to remove any block, but there’s a dice added to show which pattern block you should remove.  It definitely ups the ante especially for adults playing.  As well as the WWF panda logo, the blocks also feature cheetah, giraffe and zebra patterns.

WWF jenga

Of course N decided to do his own version.  It seems you can now remove blocks using 2 hands – one to hold the tower, the other to remove the block.

setting up WWF tumble tower

And not forgetting the ‘sit on the table’ technique to help move round the tower before it tumbles.

tumbling blocks fall down

Apart from playing the game, N’s also been using the blocks to make his own tower structures, as well as using them as bales with his tractor play.  For children, the tumbling tower game is great for learning to take turns as well as improving fine motor skills as they build the tower up.

We were also sent one of the WWF jigsaw puzzles of big cats.  While the 1000 piece puzzle is a little advanced for N (he wanted to help but I’ve managed finally to keep him away), we did talk about the different cats in the pictures and what type of habitat they live in.  I’m not sure how much he’ll remember given that he denied recognising the lion!  I despair sometimes.

WWF 1000 piece big cat jigsaw

Similar to the tower game, the quality of the puzzle is really good.  I like that the pieces come in a paper bag rather than plastic, and can be used as well as the box to store and separate pieces.

WWF wild cats jigsaw puzzle

I did think that 1000 pieces would be quite daunting because I’ve not done a proper puzzle for so long, but it’s got clear segments to work on with the black borders which really helps if you’re not a regular puzzler.  I just keep going back to it every so often, hence why it’s not finished yet.

If you want to check out the new WWF range, you can find them at Great Gizmos. The Tumbling Tower game costs £21.95 and the 1,000 piece puzzles are £9.95.


Disclosure: We were sent these WWF products for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love real puzzles and the tower games. Kids learn so much through using their hands and mind, for something more than video games! And it looks like he loves them too!

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