crazy chefs game

Orchard Toys giveaway – Crazy Chefs and One, Two, Tree

We love puzzles and N’s just getting into games, so I’ve been stocking up at Christmas and birthday with various games that have caught my eye.  I love the Orchard Toys which are perfect for pre-schoolers just learning about how to play games, so we’ve a few of those.

They’re obviously a brand on lots of people’s radars too, as we’ve ended up with a few duplicates.  Instead of selling or passing them on, I’ve decided to offer the duplicates as competition prizes on the blog.  So what’s on offer?

crazy chefs game

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First up is the One, Two, Tree jigsaw puzzle.  N’s a big fan of jigsaws and I’m trying to encourage him to actually say numbers when asked.  He knows up to about 12 (maybe more, although I’ve not heard him), but rarely counts along when asked.  Everything’s on his terms at the moment.  So this puzzle should help.  It’s really brightly coloured like all of the Orchard Toys products, and is a good size for little hands to cope with.

The second one is the Crazy Chefs game.  We’ve not played this game yet (as I say, we had a lot of games and puzzles so it’s taking a while to get to them all).  If you’ve got children who love food and helping to cook, then this game would be perfect.

So, one lucky person will win both games if they enter via rafflecopter below by the closing date of 22nd February, 11.59pm.  Good luck to all entries, and feel free to let friends know

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Disclosure: This competition is being run with prizes donated by myself.

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  1. my grandson has just learned how to play pairs, he loves playing with his uncle iain, who probably lets him win too often!

  2. My eldest son loves playing number zingo at the moment, and my youngest enjoys shape sorting games.

  3. At the minute it’s stacking cups and knocking them down. I can’t wait until we get into proper games.

  4. we love orchard games , our fav at the min is the gorrilla one where the bad foods go in his mouth and he burps !

  5. Just did a straw poll with three and in unison, – “Flappy Bird” – and I thought I had brought them up right!!

  6. We love Orchard Toys in our house! My eldest son’s favourite game was Walk the Plank! My youngest daughter loves cooking with me, so I’ve love to win CraZy Chef for her! 🙂

  7. Currently its Twister …….. not to be played after baked beans on toast for lunch!

  8. Colouring and sticker books is the favourite thing at the moment! But they love animal dominoes too xx

  9. my son loved playing with lego but now is too big ( approaching teenage years)
    my daughter is still very small and loves anything that makes noise( mostly vtech baby walker)

  10. He’s a bit young for a favourite game at the moment. He just loves us being silly with him and making him laugh. But these toys will be great for when he’s older

  11. Williams (2 very nearly 3!) favourite game is matching pairs! He loves his Disney Planes set the best.

    Kaitlynn (who is 6) loves playing a Monsters Inc version of guess who!

  12. My daughter has just discovered role-playing so Doctors is her favourite game right now – though she had “Lotto” for Xmas and is starting to really enjoy that too.

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