300 picture book challenge – what we’re reading week 4

I had thought that we hadn’t read much this week, but we’ve not done too badly in the picture book challenge.  Not for want of trying to read more, but I think having had a birthday, it means that N’s got too many new toys, puzzles and games to be wanting to read books all the time.

We haven’t borrowed more books from the library this week as we weren’t getting through them and I picked up some books from a charity shop instead.  Our next Parragon Book has just arrived too, and we’re due a couple of others to review as well, so I think a break from the library for a week or so will work well.

Here’re the books we’ve been reading this week.


It’s nice when we have books that N also has at nursery – he seems to be a bit more interested in reading new books when he’s seen them before elsewhere.

  • Books read this week – 11
  • Books read total – 61/300 (20%)
  • Days – 26/300 (8.7%)

300 picture books



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  1. I noticed the Dinosaur book too, because I’ve just shelved it in the ‘dinosaur section’ of my shelves – along with six of the Jane Yolens 😉 Excellent work. I seem to be reading at about the same pace as you too!

    1. I like shelving by genre too. We’ve just got N new storage in his room, and he’s got 2 shelves of books for me to order (I’ve given up on the messy storage of books downstairs, where it’s just ram them in!), so I’ve been putting them in lovely neat groups. I’ve not seen any Jane Yolens so will have to look out for those – mind you, we’ve got lots of dinosaur books many he’s not looked at, so might have some already!

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