Hello Nature book review

Hello Nature, hello grow, make, colour and draw book

I’ve always said I’m not that creative although as I’ve got older it’s brought a realisation that creativity isn’t always about art and drawing, as it always seems to mean when you’re a child.  I’ve never been comfortable drawing doing art, although I’ll happily doodle a few shapes and patterns when I’m in meetings and a little bored.

N on the other hand is a little boy who loves to write, draw and colour.  This love’s only come in the last 6-8 months though, as he’s realised his doodles can mean something.  He also enjoys having his own notepads and books to draw in.

Hello Nature book review

We both enjoy being outside as well, and after having spent many a weekend during my childhood going out to nature reserves and being part of the local children’s wildlife group WATCH, I’m keen to teach N to appreciate and know about nature around us.

So being sent the Hello Nature book by Nina Chakrabati was always going to be something the pair of us could enjoy.  The large book is a fun creative and learning experience suitable for children to learn, or adults to enjoy and relax with.

Published in February, the tagline is draw, colour, make and grow, which shows the variety of activities the book covers.

Hello Nature book introduction

All based on nature and the seasons, there are colouring, doodling and drawing pages, all interspersed with interesting facts  and pretty ‘sketched’ style drawings about what’s going on in nature.  There’s also guides to identifying different leaves, flowers and more, with space for you to draw them yourself.

colouring in roses in Hello Nature book

We also spotted some ideas for outdoor activities like looking out for certain plants or identifying plants, along with instructions on how you can grow different items.

flower facts in Hello Nature

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I’d hate to pull pages out of the book, but it is quite large (A4 and chunky) to be taking out on a walk with you.  So photocopying or taking notes before going might be needed.

The book itself feels like it’s part of nature, with a sustainable recycled feel to the pages and cover.

You can buy Hello Nature from Waterstones or Amazon, or if you’ve got children more into fashion than the great outdoors, why not try My wonderful world of fashion by the same author.

Disclosure: We were sent Hello Nature for the purpose of review, all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. It is. It’s not something I’d usually pick up, but I can see myself using it for other crafts as well as what it suggests.

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