tiger face paint

A first in…face painting tigers

I’ve never done any face painting before, but last year there was a huge sale on at an online toy retailer and  I decided it might be worth buying the Snazaroo paints they had on sale.

Now I’m not that artistic, drawing wise, but my theory was that if N had a party, someone would be able to do some face painting, rather than having to pay for them everywhere.  But until last week, we had no reason to get them out from the cupboard.

N’s never wanted to have his face painted.  I’m not surprised as really it needs a child who’ll sit still for a decent amount of time. And then I do think children must get a bit surprised looking in the mirror and not seeing themselves but a mask looking back at them.

Even in August at Treefest, my friend’s 3 year old had his painted and N waited in the queue with him, but still didn’t want his painted when we got to the front.  I suppose it’s cheaper for me at fetes and events, not having to pay to have it done.

But after our week off, one day after nursery he was rooting around in the puzzle cupboard and emerged brandishing the 2 packs of face paints.

‘Mummy, you can paint my face’.  Uh oh, I thought.  I’m going to have to get creative.  Luckily the paints came with instructions for some ideas.  I was pleased when we looked through and N decided on a tiger.

For his first time I missed off his eyes, as I wasn’t sure how he’d take that, but he say really nicely (for the most part), and it turned out really well.

tiger face paint

Of course, once his face was done we had to go and show Granny, and try and scare her with his tiger’s roar.

tigers face painting blowing dandelion clocks

N spotted some dandelion’s clocks ripe for blowing.  It did make me laugh seeing a little tiger blowing the dandelion clocks away.

Now I’ve just got to find some more face painting ideas – there’s lots of pretty flowers and butterfly ones, but I’m not so keen on a lot of the boyish ones.

So if you have any tips or ideas for faces, then please do comment below.

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  1. You did a great job for your first time, you’re a natural! I love the little tiger blowing dandelion clocks! Dropping in from Magic Moments.

  2. Well done a brilliant first attempt. B likes having her face painted and M is starting to get in to but so far just on his arm.I’ve never done but we tend to go lots of places where we can get it.

    1. I think it might now cost me more when we go out if he wants it done more! Hopefully he’ll be willing to choose between that and something else.

    1. Thanks. I think if I’ve got a guide I’ll be ok, but anything that I need to create could be a bit harder. Need to get some more sponges and brushes to keep separate for them.

  3. I really need to learn how to do face painting – Lucy loves it so has it done every time she sees a face painter when we’re out. The tiger looks awesome, can’t believe it was a first attempt!

    1. There’s some great simply guides in the leaflet thankfully. But I can’t find much online apart from final photos. I need more guidance! Thanks for commenting

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