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I-Spy books – the activity book relaunch

When I was a child I had an i-spy book of horses. I loved that little book, having been bought it at Banbury Museum just after moving to the area. I didn’t really manage to tick off many of the horses, but I loved it all the same. So when I heard that I-Spy books were being relaunched this summer, it made me smile. I jumped at the chance to take a look and try the modern versions out ourselves.

If you’ve never come across Michelin I-spy books before, they’re a lovely range of activity books based on the game i-spy. Each book is set around a theme, and the reader gets points if they tick off seeing objects in the book.

i-spy books

The new range from Collins includes The night sky, At the airport, At the seaside and so many more. Each one is a small book, perfect for children, and easy to carry around in a bag or large pocket on a day out. At £2.99 they’re cheap enough to be a pocket money purchase, and are great to entertain children on holiday.

N took his At the Seaside one with us camping.  He loves a little notebook, and managed to spot quite a few of the items across the coastal places we visited.  So he’s already got to over 400 points collected, and well on his way to the 1000 he needs to send off for his badge and certificate.

Hopefully the activity books while we’re out and about will encourage him to read and learn more about what he sees.

i-spy books inside

Once you collect enough points children can send off for a certificate and a Super I-Spy Spotter badge. The books have been around for 60 years and are a classic collectable now.

You can buy them at Amazon across the range of themes.

Have you ever had these books for yourself or your children?

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  1. we usually all pick a colour of car and when we see one we have to say it, first to 10 or 20 wins

  2. For my little boy at the moment we have the Usbournes book for 100 things for small children to do on a long journey, it’s great it has wipe clean cards so can be used again and again

  3. Playing I Spy but without the books – I have been looking for them for ages and cant find any anywhere !

  4. I make sure all our phones / ipads are fully charged so they can play games / watch shows & films.

  5. MY little girl loves eye spy. It’s one of the few games she will play for more than 5 minutes. I think there is sometimes a bit of cheating going on, though!

  6. The naming game – you have to think of a subject e.g. chocolate bars and take it in turns to name one with no repeats 🙂

  7. Usually reminiscing, my kids just love listening to stories about what mischief they got up to or past family pets. A few songs are always good, spotting cars and even the dreaded i-spy. 🙂

  8. We have dvd players in the back for my kids. My daughter gets really badly travel sickness, but we’ve started playing I spy a lot (and my daughter is getting quite good!)

  9. Car Bingo , Ipad and comics normally keeps them amused ( well, at least for half and hour ! )

  10. A fully charged iPad and some favourite tv shows works wonders on long car rides

  11. We let them have books, colouring books and pencils and their ipads so they dont get bored. We also make sure we have snacks onboard

  12. We play eye spy and we pick a colour each and the first one to spot ten cars of that colour is the winner!

  13. I entertain my children on car journeys with audio books! They love listening to the gruffalo 🙂

  14. We usually play who can spot the yellow car first (my stepdaughter made this up) and Eye Spy. Listening to their favourite songs. To be honest, no matter what we do to entertain them, we still hear “are we there yet?, are we there yet?” every 5 minutes if they are excited haha 🙂

  15. Lots of games but usually I just tire them out so much before the journey they sleep most of the way haha.

  16. I entertain my little cousin by singing songs and listening to audio books!

  17. My little girl is like me we love car journeys, we play i spy and look for animals

  18. we play the pub legs game !! one has animals and one has birds and one has people then at the end of the journey whoever has the most legs is the winner!

  19. A packed lunch, and I make my own activity kits with things like colouring book and pencils and small toys and not forgetting songs!

  20. Colouring books, sweets (so unfashionable, I know) and songs and games involving making names up for the cars around us x

  21. Regular stops at parks and wooded areas for them to climb and play. Screens just make them feel sick and so do activity books so we just talk a lot.

  22. He’s actually really good on long journeys, but if he needs extra entertainment we talk about all the different things we can see.

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