300 picture book challenge books for week 13

300 Picture book challenge: week 13

We’ve been a bit slow on reading this week, mostly down to us being out and about more.  We didn’t exchange library books this week either as we’d not got through the previous week.  A few visits to charity shops have seen our book collection increase somewhat though so plenty of new books to be reading…if only I can persuade N.

The damn Chip and Biffer books have made a huge impact on N this week (and driven me insane) again.  He’s also been requesting a lot of ‘Ladybird’ style books which are a bit longer, so he gives up halfway through.  N still doesn’t have a brilliant attention span for longer picture books with lots more words on.

300 picture book challenge books for week 13

Worst book of the week award (apart from the Biff and Chipper) has to go to Egg Drop.  I’m surprised N wasn’t traumatised by the fact that the egg is on a suicide mission.  Very odd story.  I did love the Hooray for Bread; it’s a book celebrating all the different ways a loaf of bread is used.

I’ve just realised I’ve missed off quite a few books that we’d read that were upstairs, so I’ll have to add those to next week’s total.  We do seem to have picture books everywhere – I think there’s only 4 rooms with them in at the moment, since I removed some from the downstairs cloakroom.

  • This week’s books – 11
  • Picture books read in total: 186 (62%)

What books have you been reading this week?

300 picture books

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