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Simple indoor water activities

Like most children, N loves to play with water.  In the bath he doesn’t really use traditional bath toys, it’s all about transferring water from one item to the other, and using the empty shower gel or shampoo bottles for his concoctions.

The water table outside is a big draw, even when it’s iced over, although it really does need a clear out and clean of all the leaves and mucky water that’s in it currently.

And he’s already been asking about the paddling pool and when he can have it out in the garden again.  I don’t think he really took in how long it took to fill it last year from (next door’s borrowed) hose, and then buckets from the sink.

Easy water activities for children - Bubbablueandme

One Sunday a while back I was trying to do some crafts or the like, and he was mucking around, so I suggested we get some water out in bowls for him to play with.  Out came the Ikea bowls, a tray with some kitchen roll on, and his duck.

bathing ducks

Oh and the free Butlins duck which I’d got in a goody bag, and he thought would float…until I told him it was actually lip gloss and that it wasn’t like the normal rubber duck.

pouring water

He had a great time moving water from one bowl to the other, putting the ducks in and out and testing the height of the water when the ducks were added.

testing the water level

He then found the klipits and they were added to the play.

klipits for picking up rubber ducks

I also suggested trying to see if we could colour some celery via water.  I dug out some ancient food colouring (trying to open one caused just a few splatters of orange – nice look on skin, but thank you to baby wipes for cleaning it off), and let him pour some in a couple of glasses of water.  Then we shoved in some celery sticks.

colouring celery in water


I was imagining that we’d be able to see the coloured water absorbed really quickly, but after 30 minutes there was still no uptake, so I’m not sure if I even got the experiment right.   It didn’t bother N, he was quite happy to use the celery as stirrers and started making ‘food’ for me instead.

celery stirring to make food

He spent around an hour playing with his water activities and was gutted when I wanted to clear it up ready for tea.  There’s nothing like cheap or free sensory play opportunities to keep children entertained, even when they’re getting a bit older.

looking and exploring

What water experiments and play do you try out with your children?

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  1. Kids love playing with water don’t they? But never thoughts about colouring it! Such a good idea! Thank you for linking up with the #pinitparty

    1. My tip is not to let your colours get so old and clogged up in the pots, that when you open them, they splash everywhere! Thanks for stopping by

    1. Lol, that’s what I’d usually say, but N was really careful, and there wasn’t too much water. I’d not let him loose with it without me though. That’ll stick to the bath.

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