It’s week 4 of Project 52, after a miserable weather week.  It’s really felt like January has just been wind and rain. Roll on blue skies and drier weather so we can get out and about more (or at all).

Last weekend N went out with 2 friends and his cousin bowling and then for Pizza Express for his birthday.  He had a great time, while it made me relieved that I only have 1 child and not 4 boys!  I also did the annual birthday interview with him.

School and work went by – the week went quickly with a mix of rain, wind and a touch of blue skies on occasion.  I’m hoping next weekend will be dry, because this one hasn’t been great so far.

This week’s photo was taken before N’s tennis lesson.  For the first time on tennis day, it was still light at 4.30, and the sky was a lovely blue-purple colour.

Sky through the trees
Eerie tree and sky shot


  1. It’s good to see a little more light after school now isn’t it? I am often relieved that I only have 1 child (even though I wanted more originally).

  2. Do love a tree photo, which you probably know! Isn’t it wonderful that it’s light for late afternoon activities now? Not only was it light when we arrived at the wee girls dance class yesterday, it was light when we left! Makes such a difference 🙂

  3. susankmann

    I do love trees, the silhouette is lovely. It is nice to see the lighter night coming in xx

  4. yes getting Bob to gymnastics in the light as well, preferred it dark as I could hide in the car easier, but bit much longer will be light long enough to walk the dog.

  5. I always notice how blue the sky is in the UK even when it’s the middle of the night, it never gets dark in Dubai, too much light pollution

  6. Jade @ Captured By Jade

    The lighter evenings have been lovely… This is a beautiful capture – I love the trees against the sky #MySundayPhoto

  7. What a beautiful evening….I am liking the lighter nights. It’s just coming in dark now at twenty to five 😀 x

  8. The longer light is getting noticeable which is lovely. Beautiful pattern of trees against the purple blue sky.

  9. Helpful Mum

    I absolutely love that it’s staying lighter for longer. It feel so good to still see some light!

  10. Ahh I’ll have to go read the Birthday interview and the meal made me chuckle. We took 5 boys to Pizza Hut not long ago and my goodness the noise!! Ha, I think I can just about cope with two!

    • Ours wasn’t so much the noise. Because 2 of them (N and his cousin) aren’t loud. It was just one of them getting up and down, wanting to go to the toilet all the time and wandering round the tables. There’s no way N would have been allowed to do that when eating out. I spent most of my time telling him to sit down. Hard work

  11. Yes, it is getting lighter later isn’t it! In fact I took a pic of the sunrise the other morning (it’s on my Instagram account). It was almost the same colour as in your image.

  12. sarahmo3w

    Glad N had a lovely trip out with his friends for his birthday. It is so nice that the evenings are getting lighter now.

  13. The days are drawing out here too and at long last February is in sight. I often wonder how people cope with more than a couple of children, two was enough for me.


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