#365 photo a day week 13

Project 365: photo a day week 13

We’re back on the weekly round up, and into week 13.  I’m now finding that it’s harder on work days to take photos – it could all be a bit samey, and even if I’m out for a walk, there’s only so much to photograph…hence the occasional random photos that appear.

#365 photo a day week 13

Sunday was a day in Oxford, spent at the Natural History Museum.  N loves spending time with his friends, and it was a chance for me to have a catch up with one of my friends too.  Long overdue!  They loved the dinosaurs.

Monday’s random picture.  I had a manic work week with Monday being a really dull but must do course on safety in the workplace.  A day of that including manual handing training (eg how to pick up boxes – I don’t recall having picked a box of copier paper up ever, but I could twist my back picking up a dropped pen I suppose!). Really would have been good to have freed up the day for the work I needed to do.  I only grabbed a fleeting lunch break, but am loving these ‘crisps’ this week – they were a random trial buy on my online shop, and are delicious.

Tuesday my blog business cards turned up.  Very exciting as it means blog conference season will soon be upon us.  I’m going to Blogcamp in April in Birmingham, and then Britmums Live in June. I’m really looking forward to both.

Wednesday saw N getting stuck into his ‘reading’.  Bizarrely he’s started getting obsessed with Biff and Chipper books.  I hate them, but he’s refusing to read library books and instead we’re having to endure the dullness of what Floppy gets up to.  Yawn. However, this last couple of weeks he’s really started happily sitting down and reading out loud to himself.  Hopefully he’ll continue to be a book lover as he gets older.

Thursday was a day in London for work.  I love visiting London as there’s always something new to see.  This time I was near Victoria and I couldn’t believe that I’d never noticed the ballerina statue atop the Victoria Palace before.  So pretty on the skyline, and really makes me think I must get back to see the ballet at some point.  I’ve not been to the theatre since last year with my mum when she was ill, and pre N to see the ballet.

Friday was the day of horrendous hail and thunderstorms.  I got to my car in it, then sat and watched the huge hailstone pounding on the cars around me.  It looked like it had snowed on my journey through town to pick N up.  My brother’s former cricket club had it’s pavilion struck by lightnin and burnt.  Horrendous weather so thankful it was only the one day.

I’ve been seeing some amazing ideas for egg decorating, so this year for the first time ever I’m going to decorate some for Easter.  First job was to blow out some eggs.  That’s one way to make use of the old way out of date eggs that were in the fridge.  N was really interested watching me put holes in them, and seeing the white and yolk coming out the bottom.  I did start explaining that some eggs have chicks, but others don’t…and then got a bit stuck so gave up trying to explain further. Luckily I don’t think he was really taking in what I was saying, and didn’t ask why there were no chicks in the eggs, so I’ve got some time to look up the answers before he does get round to asking questions like that!

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  1. Wow, look at that hail! I know it’s hard on work days, but the days when you’re not provide the most wonderful memories.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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