wasgij retro mystery 7 everything must go

Wasgij Mystery 7 Everything Must Go (Retro) solution

Another new June 2023 release that I’ve only just got round to completing. This one was a retro version, Wasgij Mystery 7 Everything must go.

wasgij retro mystery 7 everything must go

The Wasgij Retro range are tweaked updates from older puzzles in the range. This Everything Must Go is set outside a shop with a sale happening. The mystery is to work out what happens next to solve the puzzle.

With all Wasgij puzzles there’s a lot of comedy in the puzzle solution with some of the characters a bit shocked at the shopping goings on. Think Carry on film style fun!

This was a mid difficulty Wasgij puzzle to solve in my experience, with enough going on in the picture to be able to work out where things went. But with a few challenges

You can find the solution below, and find out out how I complete my puzzles without looking for a solution in my Wasgij how to guide.

wasgij retro mystery 7 everything must go solution

Let me know how you get on with this Wasgij Mystery 7 puzzle.

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