frying pan of spinach

Project 52 2023 week 32

This summer holiday is flying by and already I’m about to start my second week off. This one’s unpaid parental leave. I don’t think in future I’ll use it unless we’re planning to go away twice, because as N gets older he’ll just go out on the farm more than hang around with me.

Here’s our week 32 of Project 52 for the year.

Sunday was meant to be junior tennis, but N was busy on the farm all day again. He’s really loving his summer holidays with all the farm work. My last day of my leave, and it was a mostly lazy day – I watched some of the Sweden vs USA women’s football world cup match. Then I watched the netball – with Jamaica winning the bronze against the Silver Ferns, and sadly Australia beating England in the final. It’s made me want to play netball again…kind of.

On Monday I was back to work. There was lots going on, but things seem to have progressed in a week which is good. Harvesting started now the weather looks like it’ll be dry for a time. My passport arrived – so fast, it was only a week ago I applied for my renewal.

Tuesday it was an early wake up as I had to drop my car off at 8 to be fixed, then walk to the office. Car’s now all fixed, and they found my missing wheel nut lock – I’d searched all inside the car after it last got new tyres. But hadn’t thought to check in with the spare tyre in the boot!  N played his long awaited tennis match challenge with his oldest cousin/godfather. 

On Wednesday it was back to a hot summer’s day. Although still cold where I sit at my desk. It was a busy day of work, just so much going on, and trying to get it done before next week and going on leave again. N spent the morning on the farm, then had his cousin here in the afternoon. So it was like a min multi sports event going on. Football, golf, table tennis. Then he had 90 minutes football training. Most of it was fitness training in high 20C heat. It was nice to chat to a couple of other parents.

Thursday was a busy one again. I was planning to work in the office, but it was all too much as I’d forgotten my plan the night before so wasn’t all set up and ready for the morning. I had a bad headache too, so it was probably better to stay home. N went off swimming with his cousin in the afternoon. 

On Friday it was a short working day. Thankfully got everything done I needed to before going on leave. N was on his sausage roll cooking blitz. Otherwise it was a fairly normal relaxing day.

Saturday I was surprised I actually slept through to 7.20. Usually I wake before 6.30. N went off on the farm and I headed into town. I had to return some M&S things (grr, I hate their new app systems and barcode – I always have to get someone to help because something doesn’t work). And couldn’t find any sports socks for N in either M&S or Primark. Wish I’d known he needed some as I’d have ordered some in my online shop. 

I got back to watch the Lionnesses in the World Cup final 8. Thankfully they won, so semi-finals on Wednesday. It was otherwise a quiet day for me with them out harvesting.

This week’s photo was an abundance of spinach. I usually cook with frozen, but bought fresh.

frying pan of spinach

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  1. You do wake up early at weekends. My husband is a bit like that but if I get a chance I prefer to start the day at 9 am, however he usually wakes me up in the week going to work. Hope your car didn’t cost too much to be fixed. I have my service and MOT soon and dreading the bill. Fab that you got your passport back quickly.

    1. I usually wale early even without my alarm but then will read for ages. I’m usually up on Saturdays so we.can do any shopping before it gets busy )or too hot for me!)

  2. That spinach looks so nice and fresh! My mum usually grows some spinach in her garden but hasn’t done it this year.

    The leave is nice but then does leave a dent in your paycheck!

  3. I’ve not heard of parental leave before, is it something new? unpaid time off I assume, but really good for kids in the long holidays. Maybe use it again next year, but more for yourself than child care lol. We usually cook spinach and chard from frozen as I find that it reduces too much and I either buy too much or not enough of the fresh stuff.

    1. Unpaid parental leave has been around for at least 12 years. Parents can request it in a minimum of a week chunk, right up til kids are 16 I think. Always surprises me when I get my August paycheck though.

  4. Enjoy your week off work.
    It sounds like N is having fun on the farm over the summer.
    That spinach looks good. I usually buy veg too as it lasts longer. x

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