World record rail attempt – wooden train track

All little boys (and some little girls) like railways, right?!  N’s a big fan of them when his older cousins have them set up, although his wooden railway is still in the box…waiting for the single spare bed in his room to be moved so we can set it up in a corner so it can stay up, and waiting for a time when he’s old enough not to spend time just chewing or destroying it.

Lots of my mummy friends have raved about the various popular wooden railways, so they’re obviously something that pass the test of time.

Bigjigs Toys have a great presence in wooden railway toys, and they’ll be attempting to break The Guinness World Record™ for the longest wooden toy train track on 26th July at Chatham Dockyard.  It’ll be open to the public and free for you to spectate their attempt to build it from 10am (with the hope of completing it by 4pm).   The target is 2012 metres using over 10000 pieces of track.  That’s some train track!

You can also sponsor pieces of the track at £1 each with proceeds being split between Chatham Dockyard Locomotive Restoration Fun and Demelza House Children’s Charity;  there’s commemorative certificates for people who leave their email addresses.  On the day there’ll also be lots of activities and fun, so if you’re in the area, do go along to support them.

Keep up to date with their news and updates on the attempt on their pinterest site or through twitter.  I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it goes.

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