Wasgij retro destiny 5 Time Travel puzzle soluion

Wasgij Retro Destiny 5 Time Travel

Whenever there are new Wasgij puzzle releases I always blitz them, then spend the rest of the year scavenging to find second hand puzzles for sale. After blitzing 5 recent releases I’m in the latter stage now. It’s always easier to complete Wasgij puzzles when you’re on a roll with them too. Leave too big a break, and it’s harder to get your brain back into them again. My latest completed Wasgij was Wasgij Destiny 5 Time Travel – one of the retro versions.

Wasgij retro destiny 5 Time Travel puzzle soluion

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If you’ve not come across the retro Wasgij before, they’re re-releases of old Wasgij puzzles, with 4 or 5 slight differences in the images. Generally I find the older puzzlers much harder than the new ones, but Time Travel was fine to complete (even with all the sky!).

The Destiny puzzle solutions aren’t the box image. You need to imagine and recreate the modern version of the image provided. The box always gives a few clues to help, but I just use my step by step method for doing Wasgij puzzles.

With the Time Travel jigsaw, think about modern vehicles and transport. There’s the usual funny moments that are always in Wasgij puzzles. To see the solution scroll down.

You can buy Wasgij puzzles* from Amazon or other puzzle stockists.

Wasgij retro destiny 5 Time Travel

Let me know how you get on.

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