Pretty Woman the musical tour stage

Pretty Woman the Musical tour review

I’m on a mammoth theatre booking year with about 9 shows already booked in.  Pretty Woman the Musical tour was a rare theatre trip with a friend and we’d decided to see the show at Milton Keynes theatre.

Just before going I did get a little concerned when I heard some people say they’d seen the tour version and not thought it was very good. Thankfully, my fears weren’t realised, and it was a really great musical show.

Milton Keynes is my current favourite theatre, and even being in the circle, the seats were comfortable and roomy, and there was plenty of legroom too. Not what you always get if you’re used to seeing shows in the West End or older theatres.

Pretty Woman the musical tour stage

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I’m always disappointed when the cast list isn’t up in the foyer, so had to do some scouting around on the internet afterwards.  I hadn’t even realised it was Ore Odube, of Strictly Dancing and tv fame playing Mr Thompson in the Beverley Wilshire hotel, along with multiple other characters.  He was brilliant, and brought a mix of characters to life, adjusting between them during the show.

Amber Davies was playing Vivian and Oliver Savile was Edward Lewis. While it’s always hard to translate your favourite film actors and see others playing the roles, this wasn’t a problem with the musical. I thought both were very strong, and Edward’s solo songs were quite emotional. 

Kit de Luca was played by Natalie Paris, who was one of the original members of the Six cast. Her voice blew me away in her first solo. I thought she was excellent, and obviously destined for more West End glory as are the other leads.

The great thing about this Pretty Woman the Musical, is how close it is to the film people love. I was just waiting for all the little lines, and favourite bits like the jewellery case on the fingers, and they were all there.  The only noticeable differences are obviously the polo scene, and the snails in the restaurant. The latter is changed to a dancing scene in the musical version.

(Press image) photo: Mark Brenner

The original songs fit in well with their 80s/90s sound.  Bryan Adams had a hand in the music and lyrics along with Jim Vallance. While most of the music is original and fits perfectly with the story, you still get to hear the Rob Orbison classic Pretty Woman at the end of the show which went down really well with the audience.

Considering Pretty Woman the Musical tour is based on a popular film, the audience were excellent – once the late comers who entered by the wrong door had walked across a seated row 5 minutes in, all the way across to the other side. No inappropriate filming or photo taking, no whooping or talking. 

I would happily go back and see this show again. It’s fun, a chance to reminisce and remember scenes from the film, has great music and performers, and a happy ending.  It’s a recommend from me to go and see it given the chance.

Pretty Woman the Musical tour is running in ATG theatres until 24th August 2024.

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