brown Vivienne Westwood couture gown in Blenheim Palace exhibition

Project 52 2024 week 13

Well, March has pretty much gone out like a lion as well as arriving like that too. Although Saturday did feel a bit warmer outside (not in the house though). Here’s our week 13 of Project 52, the first week of the Easter holidays for us.

Sunday – woke again at the ungodly hour of 5.50. I’ve been waking around that time for the last week (apart from 1 day), but then it’s too light to go back to sleep properly. It’s meaning I’m feeling really tired. Went to the farm shop, and got my car washed – now I’ve changed my car insurance, I no longer have free monthly car wash vouchers which is a shame!

Monday – first day of the Easter holidays, and N spent most of the time out on the farm. We booked the activities he and his friend have planned in town later in the week. Next door also gave him some potatoes to plant, so hopefully come May we’ll have some to harvest.

Tuesday – another work day for me. N spent a lot of time outside, took the dogs for a walk, chatted to a mechanic who’s building an exciting vehicle, and is teaching N lots of things about what he’s doing.

Wednesday – it’s been like April showers with blue skies then downpours, but still chilly. A busy work day trying to get things sorted for the end of year before I go on leave, but systems were failing to push things through automatically, and the person who knows how to move things manually was off. So I think I’ll be logging in while off to try and see if it’s got moving. Football training was cancelled due to the waterlogged pitch.

Thursday – first day off work for Easter. An early start with a Tesco delivery (end of the slot though which was annoying when you’ve got up for 8 on a day off). Then took N and a friend into town so they could go climbing and play pool. Luckily I did take them rather than them get the bus because I had a call while I was at the Lidl checkout saying an adult needed to be there. I wasn’t impressed because I’d checked all over the website, and it only said under 12s had to have someone in the building and nothing about teens.  I wish places would be clearer.  Rushed over there to speak to the nice supervising guy, and then set myself up with the laptop for some blogging in the bar.

Friday – the weather was all mixed up compared with the forecast the day before. I decided to risk going to Blenheim Palace to see the British Icons of Fashion exhibition. I’m glad I got there not long after opening so just got into the normal car park. Others were being sent onto the grass up by the wall gardens and the Easter activities area which isn’t where I wanted to be. Plus the grass was so wet, they were struggling with finding drier areas to park cars. There were going to be a lot getting stuck and the grass is wrecked. The exhibition was good – although there was an annoying huge tour group blocking areas until I could get past them. It was raining on and off – early April showers, all day.

I spent the afternoon doing some puzzle, prepping dinner and making a pudding, which then wasn’t eaten because they had hot cross buns instead.

Saturday – was an expensive (although not as bad as it might have been) football boots and astro trainers purchase day. Otherwise it was a pottering about day. I got an email to say my renewal for my drivers licence has gone through, so hopefully that will arrive soon.

brown Vivienne Westwood couture gown in Blenheim Palace exhibition

New posts this week:

Things I’m grateful for:

  • Time off work, and being able to do things I wanted to while N was entertained on the farm.
  • Easter eggs – post Easter I will need to get better eating back on track.

Things I’ve enjoyed:

  • Some funny laughs and reminiscing over old photos with N.
  • The Blenheim fashion exhibition and the 90s exhibition at the museum.
  • Checking out the new B&M in town with N ‘it’s so huge I love it’.

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  1. We’ve got a B&M opening in Malvern soon, hopefully it’ll bring more people back into the town. Ouch at the expensive day with the football boots and astro purchases, I remember those days well. The exhibition sounds fun, yuk at the muddy parking, it was a good job you did get there early.

  2. That dress is stunning. I love everything about it, the colour, the design. What a fantastic exhibition. I made a note of it and I might visit them in May, when I’m back in Oxford.

  3. The fashion exhibition sounds interesting.

    I found a couple of days where it was colder indoors and warmer outdoors. Went out in my big coat and regretted it!

  4. I would hate to be waking up at just before 6am. We have had a lot of those April showers although today is just grey and wet. Ugh. The fashion exhibition sounds good. x

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