view over the park to a tennis court

Project 52 2021 week 31

Week 31 was a week in work, but begun another week of leave. I like to take 3 weeks off during the summer, and use a week’s unpaid parental leave to do it. It means (usually when I’m not working from home) that we divide the childcare equally over summer. But this year I’m still working from home, so means N has more flexibility of either going out on the farm or relaxing at home. His daily reading is still happening (no xbox otherwise!). Whoop.

I’ve been loving the Olympics still. I do my steps to it, I’ve watched pretty much the whole lot (except the golf, handball and martial arts), admittedly most on fast forward while I find all the sports I love. We’ve really enjoyed the modern pentathlon this time – go the Brits with 2 golds. I’ll miss it when it’s over, but only 3 years til Paris, and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham next year.

Here’s our week 31 of Project 52.

On Sunday, tennis at the club was cancelled due to rain, although N had a tournament in Oxford. Luckily the weather held, the organiser was lovely, and the other children seemed fine (although only one other was actually from our county). The way the draw worked meant you either went into the winners side to the main draw or the losing side for the consolation draw, so everyone gets 3 matches.

It would have worked ok except on child who would have ended in N’s side, gave up because he felt ill during the first game of his first match. It meant N and another girl in our side of the draw only had 2 people to play. Frustrating as it wasn’t a cheap tournament, so only getting 2 games when you want to get more matches isn’t great. Turned out the parents of the ill child made him go because they wouldn’t get late withdrawal points. But they quite often overturn those in Covid times, and it meant that none of the 4 on the waiting list got to play. N lost badly to the 2nd seed, then had a much better game in the second match, going to deuce for a lot of the games. The score line still didn’t look good but he’d played ok, did a few good serves, and enjoyed it.

Monday was the start of a much quieter week at work. The mad time of July is over, and while there’s still lots to do, it’s a calmer pace for the moment, as well as lots of people being on leave. N mooched around as well as going out on the farm.

On Tuesday, it was more work for me. I nipped into a nearby town to drop off a Vinted parcel. A bit worrying as they had run out of receipts so couldn’t put through anyone’s parcels until the Hermes driver turned up. Fingers crossed it all got picked up ok because I was late dropping it off and didn’t have time to go all the way into town to go to a different drop off point.

Wednesday was better weather than for the last tennis camp which was showers all day. I was working while N was at camp. There were quite a few little ones there but N said it worked out fine – although more games than playing lots of tennis.

On Thursday, not much went on. I was working again, trying to tie things up before my leave. N spent most of the day out on the farm. I finished another puzzle – only one of the newest Wasgij puzzles left to complete.

Friday we were on weather watch in case of rain. Luckily it held off so N’s private tennis lesson was on. I had to dump him and run back to work, then pick him up later. I think it’s the first session I’ve not watched (other than county training which is indoors due to Covid). Felt a bit weird not knowing what they covered. I had a nice short day – another last day before a week on leave again. N baked chocolate fairy cakes – he’s really getting more confident with baking, atlhough still prefers me to deal with putting baking trays in and out of the oven. Five minutes before I was about to dish up dinner, the OH announced he had to go to the pub and would be eating. That’s a waste of chips, at least the pizza will probably get eaten as leftovers.

On Saturday I had an early hair appointment. This is the second time I’ve ben to this hairdresser and she’s lovely. She listens, knows just what I wants, explains what she wants to do and why but gives me the options, and chats as much as me. N said he preferred my hair before it was cut – he thinks it’s weird being so straight. He’s used to me not styling my hair in the mornings, so it’s always a bit wavy and wild.

I rushed around doing various jobs in town and managed to get lots of fabric so I can do some sewing this week. I want to start some Christmas gifts (or at least gift bags), although not sure what would be good to make. Next week I need to visit the new fabric shop on one of the business parks. It’s a bit scary working out what fabric I need – I’ve mostly bought fat quarters up til now. Anyone else who knows about sewing, all advice welcome.

view over the park to a tennis court

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  1. That is a really great idea, to take a week of parental leave in the summer. I hadn’t thought of that, but will certainly see if I could do that as finding affordable chiIdcare has been really hard.
    We have been watching the Olympics too, so good

  2. Charlie is reading a lot this Summer too he’s just got into the David Williams and its made a huge difference. I hope you have enjoyed this week off work and done lots of sewing. I am a little addicted to fabric buying!

  3. I’m off work at the moment for a couple of weeks, but I really hope we don’t lose the option of homeworking. I absolutely love it and it works so much better when you’ve got kids (provided you’ve got some kind of childcare). I have been watching some of the Olympics, but only as the OH likes to watch. I don’t really like watching sport on TV, but I’ve watched a few now that have been quite good 🙂

    1. I’m with you on homeworking. I love working in the office but wfh means I can get N to and from school, have more options for tennis times as I don’t have to work around the commute even though mine is short. We’re still mainly home til end of Sept. I’ll probably request 2 days a week from home, if not a 3rd.

  4. I am glad N is continuing with the daily reading. The Xbox does sometimes come in useful. hehehe
    I have been loving the Olympics. I’ve watched a lot over the last week and I’m gutted that it ends tomorrow.
    It sounds like you had a good week. x

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