Stratford swans

Visiting Stratford upon Avons with swans, locks and Bottom

I love visiting Stratford-upon-Avon whether it’s just for a quick mooch round the shops, or spending time walking along the river.  Plus of course, there’s the history if you can avoid the tourists.

Stratford statues

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I needed to pop to Lakeland, so decided Stratford would be a good option to keep N entertained amongst the need for some shopping.

We bought some of the £1 a box duck food and wandered over the bridges to feed the ducks and swans.  N loves seeing them all swim up to grab the food, and now he can throw it a bit further, it means fewer swans trying to gobble at his feet.

Stratford swans

After feeding the swans, we lucked out with our timings as a narrow boat was just coming into the lock.  N really enjoyed watching it – I thought he’d have got a bit bored standing and watching the water fill up the lock, but he loved it.  We also spotted a duck with its ducklings.  One even drifted into the lock and was quacking away trying to find its mum – thankfully once the lock was opened, it swam straight back and they were reunited.

narrow boats

It was hard to drag N away from the ‘boats’ – he was really taken with them, but we had jobs to do so he had to satisfy himself with having seen one go through the lock.  Maybe in future I’ll have to take him to watch them in town, although it’s not as pleasant a setting.

What do you enjoying visiting in Stratford-upon-Avon?

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