court 12 at wimbledon tommy paul to serve

Project 52 2023 week 27

A good week for me, with 2 trips to London, something different than usual in our very similar weeks on weeks. Here’s our week 27 of Project 52.

Sunday was a day with not much relaxation. I vacuumed early, before club junior tennis. There was only 2 of them there, but it was lucky there was, because the club rep who takes the session was a bit injured. It was good match practise for them. 

N had to do quite a bit of his project work. Some history done, and his geography finished. He did the content and found the pictures. I found him a Canva template to use, but he was so slow and wasn’t getting my instructions, that it was just easier for me to do the design part. I think it’s ridiculous giving them design work as part of the project – that’s another subject, and while it takes 2-3 hours to do the research, then it’d take about another of that just in the design. Whereas someone who uses a computer daily for work and blogging could whip it out in under an hour. It did look pretty good afterwards.

On Monday it was so cold again. The blanket and slippers came out again. N thought he’d managed to wear his braces all night…then realised the bottom one had slipped out and he was lying on it! One day he’ll manage it. He needs a reminder every hour to put them in.  Tennis was very blustery.  For the second night running the cattle got let out. Last night was very late for them trying to find them. Monday night different ones were let out by the water company not shutting gates behind them. They’ve got a very snotting email complaint.

Tuesday, whoop the braces got worn all night. Still working on the day time, but we’ll get there. Fixed braces are so much easier!  

On Wednesday it was teacher’s strike day number 6 so N was at home. Well, when not out on the farm. Only a bit of maths was done. None of his project work, ignoring that he could have got rid of both outstanding bits, leaving Friday’s strike day much emptier!  Work was busy. 

Then it was the first football training session. They were originally worried they may have struggled to get enough players for a full squad, but now they’re overrun, and we’re worried that some of the old team players might not make the squad. So I’m keeping fingers crossed for N. I’m hoping that hard work, commitment, and the ability to pass to space/players will be rated high enough over some others who aren’t such team players. We need to get my brother’s injury fixed so he can come and do more training with him.

Thursday I was in London for a work conference. It was a long tiring day, very warm and I was starving by the time I got home. There’s never enough food for events when you’re out all day and there’s limited options to choose from. It was so nice to see everyone, although being hugged by the person I line managed the first time we met was a little disturbing. Thankfully the person next to me at the end when we were told to hug the people next to us knew me and asked first. There’s only a handful of people in my life I’ll happily hug, and they’re old friends.

On Friday I only worked in the morning – although my afternoon was full of chores and sorting things out rather than actually getting to sit down and relax. It was another strike day and it was a fight to get N to do the work set. I made N rewrite his RE because it was appalling and pretty illegible. He wasn’t impressed because it’s only RE, and probably won’t get looked at but he needs to be more aware of what he’s doing not just slob through work.

His cousin came over for a bit to kick a ball around and play some cricket.  Then it was group tennis lesson on a very hot evening

Saturday was Wimbledon middle Saturday and we were there. It was very hot (a few rain moments), and very tiring. 20,000 steps later, way too many people (semis day was much better for lack of people but then a lot less tennis going on too). We had centre court tickets but only watched one match on there (Alcaraz vs Jarry) – I was peeved because a) it’s expensive, but also I wanted to see Ons Jabeur play. I should have mentioned to N that she’s a bit of a wild player in terms of her mix up of shots – I think he’d have enjoyed watching her. But he wanted to watch mens tennis, and due to rain delays all the GB doubles due were pushed back much later and it was mostly women playing. We saw some of a court 12 match where Tommy Paul was knocked out, and some boys tennis, plus a few on other courts as we walked past..

We’d also visited the first aid people to check on a vicious bite of his, and I think the tablet he had from them wiped him out a bit. An experience, but I think it was just too much for him. He thought it was ok but too many people, and he was just too tired to hang around much longer. We knew we couldn’t stay too late because of the train industrial action, but even leaving at a fair time, he still fell asleep in the car on the way home.

In future I’ll go with friends!

court 12 at wimbledon tommy paul to serve

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  1. I’m glad N enjoyed the tennis, I always found the kids wanted to come but didn’t like the hanging around part at any sporting event. I hope N gets a place in the squad

  2. How lucky to get to go to Wimbledon. I am not a tennis fan, but my Mum loves it. Poor Isaac had to go in on the strike days as he is Yr11 now

  3. Well done to N on managing to wear the braces all night. Fingers crossed that N makes it in to the squad. Lovely to have a day out at Wimbledon although I can imagine it was frustrating with it being hot and busy and only getting to see one Centre Court match. #project365

  4. Oh I would love to go watch the tennis at Wimbledon. No chance now until the little one is much older.

    That is so annoying about the cattle being let out!

    Fixed braces are definitely better I think.

  5. It sounds like N has a lot of homework to do. He always seems to be on with some sort of project.
    I had my blanket and slippers out too earlier on in the week, now I’m sat here in shorts and a vest top sweating. lol
    Well done to N with the braces.
    Seeing the tennis sounded like a bit of a mixed day. Fantastic photo. I don’t know why but I didn’t imagine the courts so close together.

    1. The smallers courts no 4 through to 17 (excluding 12) are all tiny. They seem so small even for N, and you wonder how 6ft something men can have enough room at the back of the court when it’s a high bouncing ball. There’s also just enough room for 1ish rows of people watching each court in the walkway – it’s a bunfight for standing room at those courts. Court 12 and 18 had huge queues for people waiting to get in – it’s almost 1 in 1 out in some places.

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